Chapter 2 - Royal BloodMature

As nightfall came I heard and rattling at my cell door. I looked over at what it was. A man, wearing leather armor entered my cell. He was quite muscular; he had russet hair and had olive skin. I smirked at him, “Come to take me like the others… screaming and waving my arms about?” He remained quiet. His face was covered in scars from the Valgus. One bite– one scratch from them and you turned into one. I gave the man a sympathetic look knowing he was once human, “I’m sorry.” I whispered to him. A small smile played upon his lips knowing that I meant well. Not one of the guards ever smiled at me, never once.
“The Valgus lord wishes to see you.”
I tut-tutted at him smiling, but the smile disappeared as his facial expression fell serious, “Well, you can tell him, that I have no time for his little chit-chat!” I riposted. The guard frowned once more to my tone, “He does not wish to grieve you.” He replied. I laughed wondering if he was joking, “Oh, well. He’ll never grieve me! Just look at me!” I said gesturing to all of me (I looked like I was wearing a dress made from an empty sand bag), I was grieved more that ever! I continued, “I’ve been whipped, tortured, and shot! All because of him! Do you really think I’m grieved?” The guard looked me over and raised an eyebrow. I stood there for a moment thinking it over, “Fine then, I’ll go.” I mumbled. The guard simpered at my words. I crossed my arms going quietly with him, rolling my eyes.

We walked down the linear corridors made of limestone than looked like it had been lobbed together to create a wall ('Who the hell made this place?'). I peered at the guard who was walking beside me, scrutinizing his appearance through sight, “I never got your name…” I mentioned. He took a quick glance at me then looked to the corridor ahead, “You really want to know my name?” he asked strangely. I smiled mischievously at him, “Why? Don’t you have one?” I pivoted around, continuing my walking backwards. "I'm not aloud to talk to 'creatures' like you, it's against the rules!" His voice became serious. "Hey! I didn't hear you complaining last time, and don't call me creature!" I said, frowning at his sudden change of tone.
"I wasn't complaining."
"Sounded like to to me." I pivoted around again, crossing my arms, "So, what's your name?"
He stayed silent.
"Oh! So, now you're not talking to me, very mature!" I yelled. I turn my head in the away so I wouldn't have to look at him.
“My name is Zander, Zander Scott.”  He muttered. 

Soon, we got to a large arched door made from what looked like freshly polished ebony wood. The door suddenly flung open as we walked inside. That moment I met two pitch black eyes. Fear struck me and I staggered back as if I had been pushed. My nightmares, my dreams as a child had all been based on the Valgus lord. After what had happened in the past I swore to myself that I’d never want to meet those soulless eyes again. The Valgus lord was old, really old. He had been ruling the throne for more than 100 years. I don’t know how he could live longer than 10,000 in the frail shape that he was in. Some even say he’s older than 93,000. I soon regained my composure after bumping into Zander but he stood perfectly still as if nothing happen. Then the voice that soft evil voice that taunted me in nightmares came.
“Creature! I was beginning to thinking you would decline to coming here.”
The term “creature” annoyed me. The royal Valgus clans were forbidden to call any slaves by their first name. The Valgus lord gave them the choice to call the slaves creatures or by there last name. Most of the royals preferred the term ‘creature’.
I rolled my eyes. “Now, why would I say no to my dear Grandfather?” I said in a sarcastic tone. He looked at me with daggers then spoke in a soft creaky voice, “How many times must I tell you never to call me your Grandfather! You must always call me Lord Baneclaw.”
I laughed softly shaking my head. “Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all before.” He didn’t look amused.
“Listen,” ‘Lord Baneclaw’ began, “Your Mother wanted you to become a royal.”
“What?” I said in astonishment.

I thought he was joking. My Mother had died ages ago! Killed, in fact! She was in the royal Orihunt clan that was killed! My Father was one of the Valgus that protested against Lord Baneclaw’s reenactment against the Orihunt law. Valgus were now forbidden to marry any Orihunt they were even more forbidden to reproduce. Lord Baneclaw always found out in the end. Anyone who disobeyed the Valgus law was immediately “taken care of”. Since the Valgus were forbidden to reproduce with the Orihunt the population of Orihunt continuously fell and rose. If an Orihunt reproduces with a Valgus another Orihunt would be born. If a Valgus were to reproduce with another Valgus they would get, a Valgus baby. Lord Baneclaw’s eyes narrowed at me. The difference between Valgus and Orihunt is the eye colour. Valgus are born with pitch black eyes (hence why Lord Baneclaw had black eyes). While the Orihunt are born with white shining crystal irises, like mine and all the other Orihunt.
“You heard me.” Snarled Lord Baneclaw. “I don’t very much like the idea but your Mother wanted it much like your Father did as well!”
“Why? Why go through with it then?”
“Because, as your...” He struggled to continue, “As your, Grandfather, it is in my best interest to keep you safe.”
I scoffed. “Call that a change of heart! You could have said that before I lost faith in you! And what you’ve done!” I chastised.
Lord Baneclaw’s expression became dry, “I’m serious about this. All the torment has done you no good, my dear.”
I widened my eyes in amazement. I was amazed by the fact he had even considered letting an Orihunt once again be royal. I was also amazed because he just referred to me as ‘my dear’ and not the usual ‘creature’.

The End

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