300 years ago, I never knew what it was like to sit alone in a musty, mildew cell - bars on my windows made of an unbreakable metal I didn’t know the name of. The last few years had been torture! Literally. They whipped us, all because they wanted us to do their bidding! My race and I were once free to do whatever we pleased. That was until they came – the Valgus – or, as I liked to call them the ‘filthy traitors’.
Our race was nothing more than scum to them! My species was not that different from theirs, they just thought we were weaker. My race (a race of Lycans) was forced into enslavement by our own kind. They were a different breed of Lycans and were more powerful and could change into wolves whenever they liked. My race on the other hand, only turned into wolves on a full moon. Our fate was inexorable. We suffered enslavement after the Orihunt lord was murdered by the Fenris (the giant guard wolves of the land.) After our lord–Lord Atkins – was murdered, the Valgus lord killed one of the Orihunt clans due to our reluctance of co-operation. The Fenris were pets to the Valgus – the Lycans that enslaved us. They are so named Valgus (meaning 'light') because they – as the legend tells – were the first to step into the light of day as wolves. My race, The Orihunt (meaning ‘slave to the wolf’) is so named because of the fate we suffered – not only because of our enslavement – also because on a full moon we lose ourselves to our wolf instincts.
My name is Antoinette Sterling. I’m 319 years old and I am a slave to the Valgus – an Orihunt – a Lycan.

The End

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