As soon as I awake, I feel tired. Is it normal to feel so exhausted after sleeping?

Laying here, eyes closed in darkness, I can hear voices. First they were muffled, as if I were underwater, and now words are becoming clearer along with an annoying beeping close by.

The second of my senses to respond is smell. As I stir, the scent of chemicals rush to greet me, making my nose scrunch slightly in dislike.

My back is pressed against something soft and lumpy. My hands grip the thin sheets under my palms as the voices get louder. The sounds of people rising from their chairs and feet shuffling closer to the bed, slightly hesitant.

A large, warm, hand lightly touches my cheek as if worried that I would shatter. "Verny?" A deep voice sounds, concern and hope in his tone. Slowly, my eyelids open slightly only to be quickly shut again as the brightness of the room fills my gaze with a blinding white light.

"Come on Veronica, open your eyes." A woman's voice calls as a hand grips onto my wrist tightly. Carefully, I open my eyes to slits, letting them get used to the light. "Becca, call Peter. He'll want to know that his daughter's awake." The male voice I first heard speaks again and the pressure on my wrist releases. "Please wake up my beautiful niece."

My eyes open, looking around the bright room, seeing a child of around five fast asleep on the sofa. Her blonde hair is messy, covering her sleeping face. "Melody has been trying to stay up until you opened your eyes." Turning my head towards the male voice, I can see how tired he is from within his green eyes.

He smiles softly at me. "I am so glad that you're finally awake Verny." The young man must be in his early twenties with broad shoulders. At my silence, he smiles nervously, running his hand through his thick brunette hair. He squeezes my hand tightly. "Your mum is on the ward tonight so she will be here soon. I missed you so much." Lifting my hand to his lips, he softly kisses it, his stubble tickling my skin. "Are you okay?"

"Verny, why aren't you saying anything?" I tilt my head to the side, slowly pulling my hand away as I lick my dry lips.

I breathe in deeply, ignoring the scratching in my throat. "Who are you?"  

The End

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