write about a memory that you can/really want to write about, just let it out

That was the last time we were all together. It was over, gone, done. And I absolutely hated it.

Snap. Another flash blinded us all but disappeared in the next instant. One more picture, a hundred more memories.

Everyone smiled for all the cameras but on the inside we all knew we were all crying. Vicki was going to South Carolina, Katie to Virginia, Ashley to Europe, Seth to Idaho and Daisy to California. Great, right?

Looking back at the picture from that night I remember that Rose hated her dress and I out sang Sidney in a duet we sang. Vicki did her best reciting a poem and Hanna danced her heart out. All the while we kept thinking about before, of memories.

Brandon never came, and neither did Zach, but it was fine I guess. The food was eaten pretty quickly and I almost puked. Vicki and Ben made up. Will and Sam's hearts were broken. My first friend committed suicide. So much for truth.

And we graduated, just like that....

I had never been more angry.

The End

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