Some memories never fade away.

The water was clear, revealing a dull pattern of squares underneath. At the far end of the pool I noticed a blunt figure, swimming gracefully towards the end of the shallow.

Swimming sir. 

He made his way to the point where I stood, and gave me a deep, stern stare.

"What do you think you're doing?" He abruptly questioned me, "Get on with your breathing excersise!"

"Umm, yeah, sure, sir" I stammered, slipped my goggle s on and got on with the puff breath excersise.  

The next hour was spent doing continous laps, 100 m, freestyle until I could hardly move my arm.

The hour that followed later was spent doing underwater drills.

And finally it happened. Was it destiny? or just mere luck, I couldn't tell. But just as I started my last Underwater stroke back, I was knocked off.
I looked up in despair to see a slim figure floating like a boat above. For a second I thought it was sir.

However, it wasn't. It was the person who this entire Story is based on.

The End

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