I opened my eyes. It was light and I was in my tent. My heart sank. That had been too vivid to be a nightmare. And it was definitely not a dream. I sighed. My eyes were sore from crying. I went out of the tent. Max was there. When he saw me he got up and hugged me fiercely. I pushed him away gently and looked at his face. His eyes were red rimmed. He smiled weakly. I didn't even try, I just shook my head silently. 

"Are you OK?" he asked quietly. I didn't trust myself to answer. I just looked at him silently. And then the tears came back. He hugged me again, silently. I picked up a twig and started drawing lines in the ash from the fire. Then, silently, Abbie came out of her tent.
She looked terrible. Her eyes were red, and sore. Her cheeks were badly tear stained. There was no trace of happiness left. She was crushed. I couldn't imagine how she must have felt. How I felt, I felt so sad it was unexplainable. But Abbie, Abbie must have felt ten times worse. I got up and hugged her. She hugged me back silently. We sat down. 

Then there was complete silence. The leaves didn't rustle. No flies or bees buzzed. Not even the birds chirped. It was a if they knew what had happened, and how we were feeling. 

Ben had been my best friend, and I had loved him. Even if it wasn't in that way. Now he was gone... it felt like part of me had gone with him. 

A tear dripped onto my hand. I looked up. We were all crying. Silently.

The End

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