"Abbie, you seem to have a different book every day" I pointed out. 

"Hmm" she said, putting down 'Sally Lockheart: The Ruby in the Smoke' and shading her eyes against the sun. "I get Ben to wish for them"

"Are you sure? Ben couldn't have seen that many books in his lifetime, I swear"

"Hey! OK, OK. Fair point. I was forced to go to the library with my mum once. Can't help seeing books there" Ben grinned.

"Oh, OK."

"Hey Sara. Come here a second" Max said.


"Just come. I wanna see something"

"Fine" I went over to him. He placed his hands gently on my hair. Then he took them away and smiled. "What did you do?"

"He froze your hair"

"Eek! No! Get it off!"

"Ha ha" Max touched my hair again and it went back to normal. I sighed. Then Ben's hand flew up to his head.

"What's wrong?" Abbie put a hand on his arm.

"Oh, nothing. Just... a headache" he shot a glance at me, telling me that yes, it was a 'something bad' headache. I immediately got worried.

"Do you think...?"

"No. It's probably just a little thing from listening to my iPod too much" he said this quite obviously to everyone else, showing me that this was not what he thought. I nodded.

The End

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