The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

"And then he..." I hesitated.

"'And then he' what?" Abbie urged.

"And then Bruno went over through a gap in the fence and then a whistle blew and loads of people were made to line up. The Nazi's told them that they were going to have a shower. When actually..." I stopped so that my tears wouldn't make my voice shake.

"Maybe we should stop there. I think we all know what happens" Max hugged me.

"No, I'll tell them. They were told that they were going to have a shower, when actually... they were going to be gassed. Bruno was killed. His father was looking for him for days. Then he went to the fence and saw his clothes...and realized what had happened" I stopped there because tears were now streaming down my face. 

"Oh" Ben breathed "I promise never to make you retell 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' ever again. I'm really sorry"

"No, no it's fine" I assured him quietly. Max wiped my tears away and kissed my cheek softly. I smiled.

"Well, that was the best word-told version of that story I've ever heard. It made me cry more than the film" Abbie said.

"You can't cry in the film Abbie" I pointed out. "It's too sad"

"Well" Max said, getting up "I'm going to bed, since it's-" he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Half past eleven" I yawned.

"Yes. Since it's half eleven, I'm going to bed" he yawned too. Then Abbie yawned. then Ben yawned. We all laughed quietly.


"Sara" someone whispered. "Sara"

"What?" I mumbled sleepily. It was three in the morning. I got up disoriented and blindly opened the tent. I was not expecting what I saw. It was a boy. He was wearing stripy pyjamas. I almost screamed but he clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Sara, it's Ben" he whispered quickly. I sighed and he took his hand off my mouth.

"You frightened the life out of me Ben" I whispered. He looked down at his PJ's.

"Oh, sorry" he sat on my duvet so I sat on my sleeping bag. "Listen. I have a really bad feeling about this place. I don not like it here. It frightens the hell outta me."

"We're on the edge of a cliff Ben. You're bound to have a bad feeling about it. I'm really tired. It's three in the morning. If you still fell bad later, come back then." I yawned an almost forgot how to open my eyes.

"Oh, sorry." he left and I fell back to sleep.



The End

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