After walking what must have been another four miles from the river, Max suddenly stopped. I almost bumped into him but he grabbed me and pulled me to his side.

"What?" I asked. He turned my face the way he was looking. I could see... I could see... well, I could see... Let me start again. I couldn't see... the ground. I could see a vast stretch of solid dark green. And above that I could see a stretch of solid light blue. I couldn't see... where the ground carried on. Because the ground stopped suddenly. The light green grass that we'd been walking on just... stopped. Disappeared. I looked at Max and he nodded towards where the grass stopped. I walked over, he kept hold of my hand. I looked. And saw. I saw... a drop. A vertical drop. Goodness knows how far down. We must've been really high up. I shrank back away from it. I was scared of heights. Max clutched me to his chest as the wind blew my hair about. Abbie and Ben stared out in amazement.

"Are you OK?" Max lifted my chin so that he could see my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I smiled. He kissed me.

"OK... so we need somewhere to set the tents up. We won't be able to go any further" he said to everyone after. We all agreed. It was pretty difficult because the wind was blowing everything away, but we managed it in the end. We set them up near the forest, which was the safest place to be considering where we were. "Don't go over there" MAx said to me when we were all sitting outside our tents. 

"Don't worry" I assured him "You wouldn't catch me dead near that cliff." he tensed.

"No. I won't"

The End

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