Incy Wincy Spider

It was really hot that night. I never got to give Max my present just from me. I wasn't exactly sure what it was anyway. Still. I kept my tent open - stupidly - so that the cool night air would, well, cool me down.  When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a huge daddy long legs . I didn't scream. I stayed quiet, and stared at it. I thought that if I moved, it would crawl onto me. It sounds silly, but that's the sort of thing you think when you're as scared of spiders as I am. I stayed as still as a statue as the sun came up fully to say 'it's morning'. When Max opened my tent, he froze. 

"Don't. Move" he said.

I wasn't planning on it. I thought. I daren't speak. Max slowly crept up to it and cupped it in his hands. He took it outside and let it go. I sat up.

"Is it gone?"

"Yeah. Sara, I have never seen you look so scared in all the time I've known you" he laughed. But then he was serious again. "Are you OK?"

"I think so. Teaches me not to leave my tent  open" I smiled.

"Seriously Sara. I'd never used a tent before and even I know that there's a bug flap" he got the door of the tent and unzipped the zip attached to it. A white netting came off, which then hung lifelessly because there was no wind. He rolled up the tent door and stuck it to the top with the velcro there. 

"Yeah, well I didn't know that. You're just going to live with having a dim girlfriend" I grinned. Max grinned too. Then we went outside. Ben was having breakfast.

"Incy Wincy Spider" he teased me. 

"Shut up, blockhead"

"You shut up"

"No, you shut up"

"No, you shut up"

"OK. Max, can you pass me some breakfast?"

"Sure" he tossed me a box. As I was eating, I noticed a smaller, but more scary looking spider crawling up Ben's arm. I felt my eyes widen. "What?" Max asked. I nodded at Ben, who was looking away. Max mouthed 'oh'. Then Ben saw us looking.

"What?" he said.

"In-cy Win-cy Spi-der" I sang

The End

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