"Abbie?" I said. We were sunbathing while Ben and Max went 'fishing'. It had taken a lot of persuading to make Max go. It had been Abbie in the end. She'd said:

"Listen, we're not doing anything. Nobody is going to be able to sleep with the sun burning they're eyes and Bohemian Rhapsody playing in their ears" she'd tried to reason. This is what had made his protection wall wobble.

"Are you sure..." he'd said. But his wall was now swaying dangerously. So Abbie blew it over.

"And if anything happens, I'll come and get you straight away." This, however, had not blown the wall completely over. The winds of safety had held it up. Max had looked over to me. So I had pushed it.

"Seriously. No more blowing away equals no more... bringing it back" I had said. And the wall had fallen, but it was ready to be picked back up.

"Hmm?" she said, not taking her eyes off her book.

"Uhhh... I have something to ask you..." I trailed off

"Can you wait 'til I've finished the chapter?" she asks

"... About Ben" I finished slowly. That caught her off guard. She slowly put the book down. She looked at me. "Well... I've noticed... Every time you're near him, every time he compliments you or touches you. Every time he looks at you... You blush..."

"You noticed" she said, making it more a fact than a question. I nodded.

"Max has noticed too"

Has Ben?" she asked.

"No, he doesn't notice much these days. He seems... different"

"Hmm" Abbie went back to reading her book. 



"Do you love him?"

"Yes" she whispered "You wont tell him, will you? Or Max?"

"No, I promise" I say. Then we hear Max and Ben in the distance. I go back to listening to Queen and Abbie went back to reading her book

The End

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