Max never let me out of his sight alone now. He was overreacting. Every time my asthma got hold of me for a second, or I fell down. Every time I hurt myself. Every time I so much as said 'ow', he was there. Anxious, worried. He stayed with me every night until I fell asleep, and was already there when I woke up. He only ever slept when his tiredness completely took over him. 

"Just in case" he told me one night when I complained again. We were in my side of the tent. It was 9:37pm. I frowned.

"But everyone has a bad dream once in a while" I objected.

"Nobody dreams that they are dying" Max said softly. 

"You need to sleep" I told him gently. I hated it that he was losing what he needed so that I'd be safe. He hugged me.

"I can't sleep knowing that you could be hurting" he whispered.

"Max, you need to sleep. Please. I hate it that you don't sleep so that I'll be safe" I whispered back.

"I worry, Sara. I worry about you"

"Well stop worrying about me!" I exclaimed. Max gasped quietly and hugged me close. And then there was silence. After a while, Max sighed shakily. I pulled away to look at his face. He was crying. "Max! What's wrong?!?!"

"Don't you ever say that" he replied quietly. "Not ever again"

"No, I wont! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I wont ever say it again! I promise!" I gasped. I'd seen Max hyper, and I'd seen him incredibly angry.But I'd never seen him cry like this! He took a shaky deep breath.

"Listen, Sara. This probably gonna sound really stupid. But what I worry about the most is the asthma. Every time it gets to you, and you're gasping for breath, I worry. I worry so much that... one day you wont get help quick enough and... I'll lose you. It hurts me so much that you just blow your pain away. It really does." he said. I was shocked.

"Oh Max! I'm so sorry. I didn't know..."

"No. I understand. I do see you point of view. I just- Sara, you're crying!" he wiped away my tears and kissed me. Then he hugged me. I fell asleep sobbing into his chest.


The End

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