The Girl in the BloodMature

Damon wasn't sure what to expect when he stopped the girl, but what he got was certainly out of the blue. As the bus pulled away, her arm appeared out of nowhere, slamming into his ribs with force enough to crack them. A novel sensation for a 2,000 year old shapeshifter. Her foot swung up, through the fog of petrol fumes and caught him right between the legs. Completely winded, he couldn't even make a sound as he collapsed to his knees. She was halfway down the street before he could catch his breath again. 

How the hell had a human managed to floor him? He was an ancient supernatural being, who's reflexes, speed, stamina, agility and mental capacities far outweighed hers in a way that was almost comical. Yet, here he was, in the dust, while she was almost at the corner-


He got up, using every once of his supernatural strength (That kick had hurt) and managed to catch up with her. 

"I need to talk to you!" His desperation was clear as he skidded to a stop, cutting her off. Her foot came up again but, prepared this time, he caught it. "Please. Hear me out."

She lowered her arms a little. Her large, intelligent eyes probed him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Damon and if you don't come with me, you will have every nightmare you can imagine, baying for your blood by nightfall." 

She blinked. There was a pause lasting one of her heartbeats, two.. 

Her face cracked into a stunning smile, moments before she doubled over, laughing. 

"You nearly had me going there for a second, Damon." She emphasised his name in a way that made it clear she thought it was a joke. "Nice try, but I don't believe in ghosts anymore." 

With a light hand on his shoulder, she brushed past him and vanished down the street, leaving Damon stunned. No one had ever outright laughed in his face. 

"The kid was right, nice try Danny boy." A tall, well built man approached Damon. His feral eyes raked him with a sneer. "She's a pretty one, shame."

"Sam, don't you dare-"

"What, pup?" Sam glared again, using a term that werewolves used for their young, an insult to the shapeshifters. (The number of forms they could take depended on intelligence. One form meant one dumb shifter. 'Pup' meant both young and dumb-a double whammy)

A slight growl emanated from Damon's direction. "Leave her alone."

Sam smirked. "We'll see." 

The End

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