Katrin: Deja VuMature

"I wish you'd been there, Kat, it was incredible! He was such a nice guy and he signed everything and bought me a drink after the show.." 

"Don't call me Kat." I growled under my breath, well aware that the girl next to me would pay absolutely no attention to me while she was in this mood. 

I sighed, as predicted, the flow of words from her mouth did not pause in the slightest and continued to crash over my head. I closed my eyes, leaning against the cool vibrating window of the bus. Half an hour to go and I'd be able to escape to my flat. 

I let the images from last night's dream play again on the back of my eyelids. It had been an unusually bizzare and vivid dream. I'd been low to the ground, gliding through forests. I'd been hungry, but not in the sense that my stomach was empty. It was a sort of burning sensation that had spread through my body. A need for something that was far out of my reach. A face flashed into my vision and I felt a surge of some unknown emotion. Then-

"Are you even listening to me?" Ellie's grumpy tones sliced cleanly through to me, causing a wave of irritation to shiver through me. I felt as though I had been close to  a discovery before she had interrupted me. 

"Of course, you were telling me about how the frontman of the band you saw last night must have fancied you since he bought no one else a drink last night, but you're not sure since he didn't ask for your number or anything."

She gave a little huff, but with her ego soothed, she carried on with her tide of chatter. I tried to recapture the dream, but it remained elusive this time. 

Finally, my stop appeared in the front window. I rang the bell and got up to leave when Ellie caught my arm. 

"Katrin, are you alright?" Something of my quiet reflection seemed to have penetrated Ellie's giddiness. 

"Yeah" I flashed a smile. "Just a little tired. See you tomorrow." 

So I had lied a little to Ellie. She wouldn't mind, she would be on Cloud Nine for at least a week after that band encounter. What had got me all quiet and thoughtful was the feeling that I'd seen those images from my dream before. It was the sensation that it was more than a dream. 

I stepped off the bus and stopped dead. The floor tilted a little and I experienced major disorientation. 

"Please, don't scream or anything." The stranger begged me. "I'm not going to hurt you.." He hesitated. "I need your help"

It was the face from my dreams.

The End

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