A flashback sequence between a wedding and funeral.

They watched her. She could feel their eyes, all their eyes fixed upon her, shamelessly staring with sympathetic interest. Tears rolled down her youthful face, although the murmurs of the community said she looked as though she had aged a decade in the last week. She looked forward towards the altar as the priest began to start the funeral ceremony. The sun shone through the stained windows basking the mourners in a purple glow on that August morning and the small church was filled with the scent of roses and lilies, his favourite flowers.

I watched as the scene changed before me. She no longer sat in her black shroud of morning, looking through a black veil and tear filled eyes, now she stood before the congregation in a brilliant white gown. The silver embroidery glistened in the candlelight , her silky train flowed down the marble steps like a carpet of snow. She looked at her groom as though it was the very first time. He was smiling which allowed his boyish dimples to be seen under his prominent cheekbones. His mossy green eyes sparkled with happiness as he lifted her veil to look into her sapphire blue eyes, they mirrored his joy, as the priest began the wedding ceremony.

The coffin was brought in front of the altar now. Family members stood at the reader’s podium saying nice things about “Him”, telling stories about “Him” smiling through their tears, barely controlling their stammering voices. But She didn’t hear any of it. She let the numbness take over. She wouldn’t, no, she couldn’t listen to what they were saying, because it all meant one thing; He was gone and He wasn’t coming back. Not now, not ever.

She couldn’t help but cry tears of happiness as she said “I do” and he did too, agreeing to an eternity together, and with that they kissed, sealing their union. The crowd rose to their feet happily cheering for the young couple. With their hands linked she sailed down the aisle with her new husband as their song resounded from wall to wall.

“Braced myself for the good-bye, because that’s all I’ve ever known. Then you took me by surprise, you said I’ll never leave you alone” Now the lyrics taunted her as she walked after the coffin that rested upon six grieving men’s shoulders. The words chiselled through her icy armour of numbness and pierced her heart. A wave of emotion took hold of her, it was all too much, she was drowning in it all. She felt an arm wrap around her waist to keep her steady, and they walked on. The other mourners stood in silence as the coffin passed. A sea of black.

They ran through the doors of the church as the crowd threw rose petals over them. Laughing they looked into each-other’s eyes, finding a whole new world within one another. They quickly moved to the ridiculous vintage car that He insisted on having; the only thing he did insist on having, how could she refuse? She sat in, as did he and they took off. A sign on the back saying “Just Married” and tin cans rattling away as they drove. They drove in silence, completely comfortable silence, where neither of them felt the need to fill with petty small talk.

She rested her hand on his, smiling contently as he drove around the never ending winding roads, at great speed. “Honey maybe you should slow down” She said softly biting on her bottom lip nervously. He nodded in agreement as he pressed softly on the break peddle, but nothing was happening. He pressed once again, more urgently this time. The peddle went straight to the floor with no resistance. “Honey slow down” she repeated more urgently this time as the car swerved and her husband struggled to regain control. “Why aren’t you slowing down!?” She cried as the car swerved again, flipping onto it roof this time. The last thing she could remember was a shower of glass raining on top of her.

The sun doesn’t shine for me anymore, the birds don’t sing, the stars don’t sparkle. My world is at a stand-still now. When they buried him that morning they might as well have buried me along with him, for they buried my happiness and my memories. They buried everything that was beautiful in this world. Nothing matters any more. Nothing will ever matter again, not to me.

The End

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