The chains clinked together as I shifted to a slightly more comfortable position on the solid stone floor. No light to illuminate the ghosts down here, only sputtering torches placed at irregular intervals. But I didn’t need light to know that I wasn’t alone down here. I could sense those I shared my cell with; thieves, traitors and innocents, all accused and come back to exact their revenge. The torch sputtered and nearly fizzed out down the hall, sending shadows thrown onto the recesses of my new home. Rough-hewn stone blocks came alive with carved faces full of shadows. The torch flared out, leaving behind the acrid smell of smoke and ashes, mingling with the dank and dreary smell of rot and damp stone. Rats scurried across the floor, chittering the secrets only rats can keep as the thud of booted feet began their echo down the silent stone corridors.

I close my eyes against the dark and lifeless cell; I ignored the moving lights flickering closer, the sound of booted feet on stone corridors. It all falls away as I retreat into the darkest parts of my mind to my strongest memories.

The End

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