Caleb was advancing towards me and Katherine was already tied up with a dazed Lucus. I was on my own. The look in his eye told me he was fighting for control over himself, but it was a battle that he was loosing. “Blank your mind!” I told him, desperately trying to buy myself some time to think of a plan. Behind me, Phobos laughed,

“This is the end, Oracle.” He laughed. Then, an idea struck me. 

“Then why don’t you fight me yourself? Unless, the evil Lord Phobos a...ha!” I said. My result was satisfactory, as his expression faded into curiosity. 

“I’m what?” He demanded.

“A...coward! Yes, that’s right! A coward who’s too scared to fight a girl!” I said. He fumed and tapped his ring, causing Caleb to stop what he was doing and come to his senses. I knew I was really for it now, but at least I had someone to help me.

The End

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