Summoning shadows


Energy was being drained from my body as Phobos fingers were twirling before me, black sparks were following his body outstretched finger. I was pinned down to the dungeons filthy and cold stones by the barrier he had imposed on me. Breathing was hard due to the crushing sensation I felt on my chest. I turned my head slightly to my right to find Ember lying face down on the floor. Painful memories struck my mind as I recalled Ember rushing to my side to help me against Phobos. Katherine was helping Lucus get back to his senses. 

I was careless, and because of that Ember was seriously injured when Phobos directed dark energy toward us. I left Ember unprotected, guilt spread from my heart to my mind, blinding me with rage. I assaulted Phobos with my bare hands, reaching to his neck, but he was faster and stronger. With his finger on my chest I was blasted backwards, dark energy cruising my body.

"Caleb, I see you learned nothing from me," Phobos taunted, his light steps were approaching my limp body. "You were by far my greatest apprentice, but you gave in to goodness in the end. Your heart was too weak and before you knew it, your heart was a prisoner of the chosen one. I pity you."

"You were never meant to find me," I seethed, my gray eyes narrowing on his face, summoning the energy I had left.

Phobos stooped beside me, his finger was searching my body. Then he slid his finger inside my pocket and retrieved a ring with a snake and a skeleton in it. This meant problem, that ring was the scepter of my loyalty to Phobos the moment my blood was absorbed by it.

"I believe this is mine," he said in a dangerous under tone. He slid the ring in his finger and adjusted it. "Now your life dangles on a string..."

"Don't hurt Caleb!" I heard Ember said, she was rising from the floor.

Phobos stood up and levitated toward Ember, towering her fragile-looking yet sagacious figure. I took advantage of his sudden distraction and lift up the barrier, I scrambled to my feet and muttered an incantation.

When Phobos turned around he was surrounded by lurking shadows. He was surprised at first, then his expression turn to amusement. "Ahh.. I see you learn to master the shadows." He watched with his slanting eyes how the shadows formed around him and seem to dance. The shadows were closing in on him.

"I am not letting you kill Ember," I growled, "she is destined to do goodness in this world."

"Who says I'm going to kill her?" he asked.

I was astounded by his answer, was he talking seriously? "What are you talking about? You had plans to kill her ever since I was your apprentice!"

"My dearest apprentice, you seem rather stupid to have been brought up by me," he sneered and with a flicker of his finger the shadows disappeared. "Did you think I trained and taught you out of goodness of heart?" he snorted, letting out a feeble laugh. "I agreed to teach you the art of shadows because one day you will do me a great favor. That is, kill the last Oracle yourself."

"Never will I be a part of your plans!" I hollered, clenching my fist, dark streams of lightning surround my hand and I let it go, charging rapidly at Phobos.

Phobos took the lightning in his hand and  smothered it to nothingness. "You don't have a choice, your life belongs to me." He flashed me his ring and understanding was drawn in my face.

He tapped the ring with his deadly fingertip and I felt my body stiffening. I had no control of my body anymore, I had become the puppet to the most terrible puppet master, Lord Phobos.

"Kill Ember," he whispered to the ring.

As if I was an extension of the ring, his orders were carried to my heart. Despite my efforts to shun out the voice from my head I knew it was irreversible. Dark Lord Phobos had summoned shadows to my heart and those shadows were consuming it.

I felt my hand rising, dark smog oozing from the between my fingers in my clenched fist. Phobos step aside, smiling at his victory. I had full view of Ember who looked at me confusedly, then in fear.

"Caleb, no..." I saw her mouthed.

I wanted to tell her I'm sorry, that it wasn't me, but I was restraint. I closed my eyes and wished I was dead rather than ever hurt Ember.

The End

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