The Saviour in the Mist

As the mist cleared, I felt relief surge over me. It was Caleb. I was still confused as to what Lucus was trying to tell me, but at least I knew there was some sanity still left in him. Suddenly, a thought struck  me,

“Lucus, fight it!” I screamed. If I could get him to fight whatever was controlling his mind, he had a chance. Otherwise, he’d be another one of Phobos’s puppets forever. Katherine was doing everything she could to break out of her cell, and Caleb was distracting Phobos. The Dark Lord seemed un-fazed by Caleb’s confrontation. In fact, he seemed rather amused at our efforts. This annoyed me greatly, but Katherine was in a vulnerable position. If I could just break her out of her cell, it’d be far easier. 

“Katherine, look out!” I warned her as I flexed my fingers, letting neon sparks shoot out and penetrate the wooden door. She kicked it in its weak spot and broke it down, freeing herself. “Try and bring Lucus to his senses;” I told her.

“But, what about you?” She demanded.

“I’ll be fine. Now go!” I practically ordered her. She nodded and began talking to Lucus. Now, I would help Caleb seal with Phobos. I summoned every ounce of anger within me and let it blast out of my fingers. The Dark Lord staggered slightly, then let out a menacing laugh. “Really now, do you honestly thing that sheer force will defeat me?” He asked. I narrowed my eyes,

“No, but I thought I could give it a try.” I said. His smile wavered slightly. Things were about to get very interesting.

The End

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