I watched in horror as Lucas became deathly still.  Then I jumped as his hand grasped my wrist.  I yelped in surprise and bolted up.  Lucas, meanwhile, slowly stood to his feet.  He kept his head down, and his eyes averted, and when he spoke, the life that always sparked in his sarcasm was gone.

"It seems deathly serious in here."  He said flatly.  Ir shivered at the sudden change in my friend.

"Are... Are you feeling okay Lucas?"  She asked softly.

"Okay, bad, great, what's the difference."  He replied and dipped his head back, making me suck in my breath in surprise.  Lucas's (blue?) eyes had turned a deep grey color.  The same grey as Caleb's and Phobes' eyes.

"Lucas, for your first lesson, we will learn to restrain someone."  Phobes said, making me tear my gaze away from Lucas and glance at Phobes.  On instinct I began to back away when he said restrain.  I stopped when my back rubbed against the cold metal bars of Katherine's cell.  I glanced back at her through the gloom, and her eyes were wide, like a deer caught in  headlights.

"Ember, I'm so scared!"  She confessed in a whisper close to my ear.

"I am too, Katherine."  I replied then ducked and screamed.  As soon as I had turned around, there was a bolt of dark energy from Lucas's hands.  Phobes had been hovering next to him, whispering in his ear.  And finally Lucas had sent dark, twisting energy ropes crashing towards me.

I ducked only just in time, the ropes flew over my head and burst into the wall just inside Katherine's cave.  Her screams mingled with mine, assuring me that she hadn't been hit.  Our screams, together, had sounded a fury of pounding on the wooden door we had entered through.  Could that be Caleb?

I stood up when the ropes dissipated.  Phobes was now trying to whisper some kind of spell or incantation to Lucas who solemnly began mouthing words to Ember.

"I'm so sorry." They seemed to say, and I squinted my eyes to better study them. "Tell Katherine that I..."

I couldn't make out the rest.  A bright light and huge explosion on the side of the chamber where the door was caught my attention.  at first the door seemed to be on fire with the bright light, and then it began to fade, revealing the silhouette of a man.

Please be Caleb!

The End

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