Phobes cleared an area in the dungeon, just enough room for Lucus and I to duel him.  He began Speaking, walking in a brim wide circle around us.

"I have waited my entire life for this moment.  For thousands of years the Oracles have threatened my fathers, my teachers, ways of being.  They have destroyed our beliefs.  there was a time, oh so long ago, when the oracle's sight was seen as madness, that Dark Magic was in control."

"Phobes, you;re crazy!"  I sputtered out in the middle of his sentence.  He looked at me full of anger and i think he tried to bare his teeth at me.  It didn't look like it anyway, the way his skin was taut in someplaces and hung like rubber in others.


"Yes, c-r-a-z-y!"  This time it was lucas who spoke, making a stipid face along with what he said.  He made a silly motion with his face as he spelled the word.  Even through the seriousness of the situation, i had to stifle a laugh.  "At least now it is peaceful!  Back in the old days murder and crime was rampant."

"Peaceful!  Bah!  Do you think my life is peaceful, little boy?  The way I have to hide from the government, the way people like you assume things about me.  You thought I was going to kill her, weren't you?"

"Which one?"  lucas said stupidly and I slapped his arm.  He rubbed it sounding the word 'ow' rather ostentatiously as he did so, so i continued for him.

"Caleb told us you were."

"ah, yes, caleb.  My favorite apprentice.  Caleb always had a problem with over guessing himself.  I want you to join me Ember.  I can teach you how to control your magic, make you more powerful and give you the life of luxory you always dreamed of."  I wasn't sure how to respond, exactly.  I heard Lucas take a sharp breath in sirprise and anger.  He wouldn't think I would take the offer, and I wouldn't either... but...

"Oh, do remember you little friend over there.  I'm not going to kill you
ember, but your friends I have to spare."  Lucas snorted.

"Yeah right Phobes!  There is no way you would ever-!" Lucas cut off when Phobes summoned an blackish grey orb to surrond Lucas.  Ember could see him flailing aroun, and his mouth moving also, but no sound was heard.

"Lucas?"  I asked tenderly and scared, phobes laughed.

"Ignore him.  Now where were we?  Ah yes!  Ember, join me now, or that girl dies."

"I...I...I can't."  Phobes frowned and he relased the dark energy around Lucas, who collapsed on the floor, panting.  I gasped and crouched down to help Lucas.  My arm rested on hisd back and he wheezed.  "What did you do to him!?"  I shouted and flipped Lucas on his back.  He was having trouble breathing, and his eyes rolled frok side to side.

"Ember?  what's going on!  Is Lucas okay?"  Katherine had caught on that something was worng, and she abandoned her attempt to ignore Phobes' prescence.  "Phobes!  what did you do to him!"  she screeched in a shrill voice.

Phobes laughed and floated into the air as he watched me vainly try to help Lucas.  "Nothing that wasn't already in his heart.  Lucas couldn't let you kill poor little Katherine, and I heard him think that I should take him instead, so
I did.  Meet my new apprentice Ember.  And he will kill you."

Katherine Screamed.

The End

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