The other side of the door


I dash down the stairs toward the dark dungeons, this part of the castle was well-known to me, I revisited them many times during my training as a dark warlock. Phobos had always ask me to choose my next victim from the dungeons.

I reached the wooden door, protected by some dark magic force because when I approached I was immediately rejected. I pounced on the magic field that kept me away from helping Ember and her friends. Phobos wouldn't allow any interruptions to his killing, not even from his own shadow army. His field was to repel any Dark Magic user and creature. He was intent on killing Ember alone.

I concentrated energy in my hands and threw them at the force, trying to break it down but it was all in vain. The force field was far too strong and advanced for my knowledge.

I walked to it, banging my fist on the force, trying to take it down physically. On the other side I heard voices, then screams, and finally blasts of powers crashing into the walls.

I hit harder, desperation gripping my heart. I felt I had failed completely. I failed not only Ember but myself. I nagged at myself for not being a better sorcerer.

Just then, shadows emerged surrounding me. I lift my head, anger was slowly rising from the depths of my heart. Phobos army will end here, he was nothing without his army of dark knights.

I repositioned myself, my feet planted on the ground. I clenched my fist as I felt dark emotions crept into my heard and hands. Energy shot out of my hands, dark fog surrounded me and the creatures, destroying them.

Everything was darkness around me, Phobos had been right all along. I belonged to the darkness, I was no better nor noble than he was. I was, after all, a Dark Knight. I closed my eyes, letting the darkness engulf me.

Just then a light shone strongly through my eyelids. I opened my eyes and saw my hand burning white, it was not dark magic.

This was the light at the end of the tunnel.

The End

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