The Rescue

Lucus and I were sprinting down the dungeon faster than an army of ants. I eventually had to stop to catch my breath. “Come on!” Lucus insisted.

“Why are you so keen to rescue her anyway? I asked. Lucus blushed and fidgeted slightly.

“Because she’s our friend. Duh.” He replied, still looking uneasy.

“Right...” I said, raising my eyebrow. We continued running until we reached a long row of cells. The stench of rotting bones filled the air, and the darkness consumed all fragments of lights. “Katherine!” I called into the gloom. There was a slight grunt in reply. We headed towards the source of the noise. “Katherine!” I called again.

“Ember? Lucus? Is that you?” She asked.

“No. We’re the Nerd Police and have come to arrest you with charges of extreme geek-i-ness. You have the right to remain silent.” Lucus said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Stop trying to be the funny-one!” I scolded.

“Yup, it’s you guys. I’m in the third one!” Katherine laughed. We ran over to her prison and tried desperately to open the door. 

“So, we meet again.” A voice behind me said.

“Lucus, tell me that was you!” I asked him.

“Nope, I don’t sound like an old dude.” He replied, staring blankly at me. We spun round, and there stood Lord Phobos.

“Old-dude?” He asked.

“Um, a very cool Old Dude?” Lucus stammered. Phobos laughed menacingly and pointed his finger at the door behind us. It shut and locked itself from the outside. We were completely trapped with only an evil magician for company. I could feel magic stirring within me and smiled at the sensation. It was time to settle this for once and for all.

The End

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