Dueling Charlie


Everything happened so quickly back in the Hall of Seasons: the revelation of Ember being the Oracle, and then the sprinting out of it toward Lord Phobos castle.

"What is Phobos planning to do with me?" Ember asked frightful for Katherine's fate, we were running through the forest, Lucus was leading our way.

"He planned to kill you," I said, sensing fear gripping Ember's heart. "I think he knew all along you would be the next Oracle so he decided to kill you before you reach a very powerful magical state."

"He is going to kill Katherine!" Ember wailed, guilty crossing her face. "I cannot let him do that!"

"We won't let him!" Lucus shouted from the front. "C'mon guys we are close!"

We reached the bottom part of the steep mountain.

"How are we going to climb it on time?" Ember asked, tiredness and anxiousness spread in her face.

I snapped my fingers, summoning gray fog around us. I would use Dark Magic, even if it gave us out to the Night Benders. An innocent was going to be murdered and I wasn't about to allow it. The dense fog surrounded us, embracing us in its darkness. We swiveled through space and finally appeared inside Phobos castle.

A dark energy ball missed us for some inches, I had pushed them out of range. I covered Ember and Lucus bodies with my own, allowing debris to fall on my back. Then I looked up and saw a night bender with the clear essence of Charlie, his right hand was burning in black fumes.

"Where did you took Katherine?!" Ember demanded, walking toward the night bender, but I blocked her from advancing.

"She must be in Lord Phobos chambers," I whispered, "down the hallway there are steps down to the dungeons. Go now, I will take care of him."

Ember nodded and she and Lucus ran at full sprint toward the direction I pointed out. Now I faced Charlie, my hands burning with desire to annihilate him.

"It's you and me," Charlie said in a gruff undertone, "you have no idea how long I have longed for this moment. The moment to destroy Lord Phobos precious protégé."

"I am no longer his protégé," I retorted, throwing my first dark energy ball, aiming to swipe the sneer from his face.

"For years I've been lurking underneath your shadow," Charlie fired angrily at me, destroying the walls behind me as I ducked his attack. "He set you high in a pedestal, an orphaned boy with no future." He created a sword with the smog and ran toward me. With dark energy I also created a sword and deflected his attack.

Charlie was blind with rage, I took advantage of it. I locked his sword down on the floor and kicked him in the chin. His body flew backwards, colliding with a column. I turned my energy into a whip and coiled it around his body. I pulled the whip and his body and thrust in across the hallway, making him impact against the far wall, leaving a dent as he slowly collapsed to the floor.

"An orphaned that overshadowed his best Night bender," I said, slight pride in my voice. Electric dark energy wrapped in my arm for one last attack that would finish this off. The energy flew freely out of my hand and strike Charlie, leaving him unconscious.

"Never again will I be looked down on," I said, anger was dissipating from my heart. I ran toward the dungeons, looking forward to stop Phobos madness and helping the new Oracle to save her friends.

The End

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