The four figures


Ember was picking up her pace behind us as Lucus was already at the top flights of the steps, glancing all around him.

"Nervous?" I asked as she stood at my level.

"What are we going to find here?" she inquired me. I was afraid my answer would not satisfy her so I remained silent. All that I could give her was a smile and encouragement. I was sure she was still mad at me for making Katherine leave their side, but they will deal with it later.

We walked inside the building, as we entered a feeling of freshness filled my chest as I breathed flowing water. In the middle of the room there was a fountain stretching upwards, water was delicately flowing to each level of the fountain. Trellises adorned the walls and crept to the walls, lining them with a green forage and tiny flowers with beautiful colours. As we walked farther into the room we saw the leaves turning from a green to a mix of red, orange, and yellow. At the far end of the room, naked tree branches adorned the walls with white specks --snow-- serving as ornaments to their nude branches.

"This is why its called the Hall of Seasons," I said in amazement and excitement. This place was beautiful, upon reaching the end of the room the leaves had turned golden, glinting under the sun. Lights shine off the leaves and flowers, displaying colours on the floor, dancing around us.

Lucus touched a leaf gently between his fingers and smelled it. "Beautiful." he said as he moved along to gently pat the trunk of a tree.Ember was looking around her, uncertainty and mirth on her expression.

I felt weird. I feel my dark energy slowly draining from my body as if exorcising the dark magic in me, but also I felt relieved and free. No, I did not need my Dark Magic in this place, I could rest for now I was safe. Lord Phobos would never fathom attack this peaceful place.

The delicate sound of bells chiming filled the place with harmony, then we were blinded by the light that had appeared in front of us. We shielded our eyes from the brightness and once it was dwindling did we opened our eyes and found four people standing in the middle of the room facing us. They were wearing white robes which added more to their brightness.

"Welcome," the oldest man took a step forward, stretching his arm ceremoniously. "I am happy to know you made it to this point unscathed."

Embers gasped, recognition flooding her face. She bowed her head slightly, as Lucus and I did. It was almost impossible not to show signs of respect before such imposing beings.

The man then turned to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, there was a glint of pride in his eyes.

"We are proud of you, young Caleb," he said, "even though it was a short time you have proven loyal and trust in us."

I nodded and thanked him.

Then he turned to Ember, a look of affection in his eyes. "After so many time we found you," he said, "you are wondering who we are and why we appear so many times in your dreams?"

Ember nodded.

"Everyone of us play an important part in your destiny," he said, "we are working to fulfill the prophecy that the last Oracle said before dying."

I stood quietly, eagerly waiting to hear what would happen from now on. Half fearing for Ember's mysterious fate.

The End

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