I couldn’t believe what had just happened. How could he accuse someone of using Dark Magic when he used it on a regular basis? And as for Katherine, I don’t know. Lucus looked torn; us or the others? I couldn’t blame him really, but eventually he chose to come with us. Caleb walked quickly and it was a struggle to match his pace. Eventually, I broke the silence,

“What did you think you were doing?” I blurted out, mentally slapping myself for my bluntness immediately afterwards.

“He was using Dark Magic and wasn’t willing to tell us where he learnt it,” Caleb growled angrily.

‘And? You use it all the time! Plus, it isn’t exactly something you would advertise to every person you met. I mean, you can’t just go around shouting, ‘Hey everybody! Guess where I learnt magic! Give up? The evil Lord Phobos of course!’. It’s not exactly something to be proud of. Maybe he felt the same way.” I pointed out.

“But don’t you see? Lord Phobos is the only one left on Earth who knows Dark Magic. If he wasn’t taught by him, then it could only mean...” He trailed off. 

“It could only mean what?"

“That he was a shadow warrior or a Night Bender.” He finished. There was a long silence that none of us were willing to brake. I cold only guess what a 'Night Bender' was and if I was wrong, I didn’t really think I wanted to find out. We finally arrived at a marble temple with shrubs and flowers embracing the walls and autumnal coloured leaves clinging onto branches in amongst the climbing roses. The whole building gleamed in the sunlight, yet as I looked up, I was surprised to see snow beginning to settle on the domed roof. “The Hall of Seasons,” Caleb announced, all feelings of anguish replaced by awe. 

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s go! We can catch up with Mr and Mrs Nerd later.” Lucus said eagerly, already beginning the ascent up the steps. Neither of us argued and just followed in a trance-like state, never taking our eyes away from the wonder in front of us. A sudden thought struck me, but I shook it away. Suddenly, Lucus fell over, having a domino affect on Caleb. They both glared at me accusingly , but I raised my hands in defence and carried on walking. It was definitely not a coincidence that my image of the slipping coincided with the sudden incident. 

“Come on, Captain Slow!” Lucus called from the temple door. I sighed and picked up my pace, nervously anticipating what was about to happen.

The End

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