New feelings


How powerful Ember really is, was the only thought that came to my mind as we were walking through the meadow of wild sunflowers. Their head tilted toward the bright sun above all of us. We walked away from the dark forest some while ago, we encounter a clearing which meant safety.

The three friends behind me were exclaiming and talking incessantly about the meadow and Ember's display of powers back in the forest when facing the shadows. Ember was still a little doubtful about her true magic, but once we arrive to the Hall of Seasons everything will be cleared up. For fear of another attack I wrapped around my right arm invisible strings of lightning, we still had some kilometres to walk before we reach the Hall of Seasons.

Ember walk longer strides to catch up with me, both of us were walking side by side. Katherine and Lucus were left behind in a serious discussion about the taste of sunflower seeds.

"Those two never cease discussing, right?" I asked, trying to break the awkward silence between us.

Ember glanced backward and smiled fondly, "I guess they don't."

Silence fell on us once again, I kept glancing towards Ember for some strange reason, reassuring myself she was still by my side.

"How old are you?" Ember asked, I saw a small faint of colour rising to her pale cheeks, I thought that was really becoming.

"I am fifteen," I said. How I wished we had something else to talk about, something to engage her in a conversation instead of this unnerving silence.

"I see," Ember whispered.

Oh no, she thinks I don't want to talk to her! I thought in discomfort. Come on, think of something to say to her! This was uncommon to me, I never had friends before, always been a lonesome creature. Silence had always been a comfort, but Ember cast a new set of feelings to my troubling heart.

Ember was watching her hands, analyzing them. "It's amazing how these powers reside in me without me knowing it," she said in utter amazement. "If only I knew how to control them and use them at my will everything will be better. I could protect the people I love better."

"That is very thoughtful of you," I complimented giving her a warm smile. Ember represented a whole different world to me. She contrasted the world I had grown up in and became accustomed to, she was the light at the end of the tunnel. The chosen one will light the world with her magic and power. "You will control them in no time." I guaranteed her.

She smiled back. "By the way," she said, "I am still intrigue with why were you so thoughtful?"

"I just remember you said I came from your dreams, that you've seen me on your dreams," I explained, "I was wondering if you saw anybody else... perhaps some other people doing something..."

"As a matter of fact there are four other people in my recurring dream," she recalled, "everyone of them is wearing white, you too. They are all painting scenes of my future..."

My eyes grew in disbelief, it was true, she had seen me in her dreams. What part did I play in her destiny?

"Why, what's wrong?" Ember asked concerned. "You are one of the painters, you should know what will happen to me."

I shook my head in disappointment, "Sorry, I don't. Back in Lord Phobos castle, when we were dueling he knocked me out with his energy balls. During my unconsciousness I saw four people dressed in white with paintbrushes and paint palette in their hands. They told me to protect you, then I came back to my senses and had this sudden strength. I was able to paralyzed him for a moment, that was when we escaped..."

Ember nodded her head slightly, now it was her turn to be submerged in deep thoughts. Katherine appeared from behind Ember and gave her a painful nudge on the ribs, Ember winced.

"Hey girl, why are both of you so serious?" Katherine asked teasingly. Lucus chortled beside her, apparently both catch up to our pace, not discussing anymore.

I could not tell who was turning redder, either Ember or I, but I turn my face away from her giggling friends.

"Nothing, really!" Ember affirmed, "by the way, what happened to your discussion?"

"We rather not call it a discussion, its just an intellectual debate between two unyielding minds." Lucus rephrased.

I heard Ember giggled, "If by debate you mean argument and by unyielding you mean stubborn, then I have to agree!" Lucus blushed at the counter argument.

"Let's say he does not like sunflower seeds," Katherine concluded. "He does not know what he is being left out of." She winked.

I found myself laughing, it was very unusual on me. A presence sent chills down my spine and I set my eyes ferociously in front of me. I could feel a dark presence lurking somewhere around us, somewhere in front of us. I took several steps forward to see if the presence was stronger, it indeed was. Now or never. I directed my invisible threads of lighting and shot forward creating a deafening sound. I had hit the presence. Ember and her friends were startled and shrieked.

I ran toward the presence, I would not let it go before I got some answers. The others followed closely behind me. I threw my body past a rock to get hold of the presence, to discover it was only a teenage boy. I grabbed him by the collar, his face was dusted but serene.

"What are you?!" I demanded.

"Ember, tell him to stop!" I heard Katherine yell, "he is hurting an innocent person!"

I turned to look at the teenage boy, Was I?

The End

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