Waking What Should not Wake

As the group fled the scene, the clearing was left alone and deserted.  A breeze ruffled the trees, and as the branches swayed shadows dappled in the clearing.  Hugging the shadows in  futile attempt, a black form drifted on the breeze.  It was a shadow itself, composed of darkness, and filled with a gleaming smoke.  It had the rough shape of a dog, and as It drifted, passing in and out of view, it paused in various places.

Magical residue remained there, and it was clear that was where the lone shadow's companions had become obliverated.  Rage boiled in the mass of darkness, and with a screech of pure hate and agony, the shadow was gone from the clearing, which lay still once again.


In a dark chamber, far from the clearing, Lord Phobes Hovered with his back to the gaping room.  his eyes were closed, his face cloaked, but he saw and heard everything through the vibrations in the air.  The vibrations of magic he trained himself to read.  Phobes tensed as the lone shadow entered his room.

"So,"  Phobes said coolly, sensing the presence.  The Shadow did not respond audibly, but that made Phobes smile as he knew what had occurred.  "Alone the shadows are small, but together they can drown all.  My lone shadow, I deliver a curse upon these travellers.  They shall perish, one for each season, and slowly they will break down on the inside until they turn to me.  But I will not take them back."

The shadow did not stir, but it seemed to grow in size and a low humming drifted into the air.  Phobes cackled menacingly and began to chant in a low tone, one that made the air in the room stir into a twirling vortex revolving around the lone shadow.  When he finished, the Shadow was not small and featureless, it had the look of a matyr with coiling black skin and red eyes blazing of light that drained the life from whomever they encountered.

"Go my faithful servant, The wraith of the fallen and the ruler of all shadows.  disguise yourself and bring me the chosen one."  Suddenly there was a pop, and the creature took the form of a teenager.  Phobes smirked and laughed tot he midair.


The End

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