I was not sure what made me agreed on taking Ember and her friends safely to the Hall of Seasons. When Lord Phobos struck me with his dark energy ball I was sure to die, nobody was ever known to survive his magic.  I slipped to unconsciousness for some moments and I saw in my dream four people, each with paintbrushes and paint pallets. The eldest of them all approached me with a paintbrush and a paint pallet, he handed me those depicting instruments with a smile. I took them, uncertain.

"You have been chosen, young Caleb, to lead the daughter of the elements to the Hall of Seasons." The aging man told me, he place a hand on my shoulder and directed my view to a freshly painted mural before me. It was me who was painted, a scene depicting the moment Lord Phobos had attacked me and Ember was cast aside in the drawing.

"What is this place? How have I been chosen? I am not good, I am evil," I said, a million question arising.

"Hush, my son," the amiable man lift his hand, "just accept your future. You shouldn't have been found by Phobos, it was our fault. We were deceived, but that stays in the past. Protect Ember and take her safely to the Hall, that is your mission."

I bowed in agreement. After that I regained consciousness and planned the escape.

"Hey Caleb," Ember's voice called.We were walking through the dark and dense forest, I was shrinking the shrubs that obstructed our path.

I turned around and gave her a smile, "yes?"

"I was wondering if you know why we... I am going to the Hall of Seasons..." Ember asked.

"To be honest, I am as unsure of your duty in that place as you are," I answered, "but don't worry, everything will be clear out once we arrive."

Ember half smiled.

"Wherever you go we will be with you," Katherine gave her friend a warm squeeze.

Shadows clouded the little sunlight penetrating from the canopy, I jerked my head upwards, and saw nothing. We will have to pick up our pace if I want to take them to safety, I thought. "We have to get moving, Phobos army of shadows might be closing on us pretty soon."

"What exactly is an army of shadows?" Lucus asked.

"Phobos creations," I said. I noticed I dropped the "Lord", a clear symbols of my secession from Phobos. "They feed on fear and dwell in shadows. This forest will provide them a great advantage in battlefield..."

A shrill cry surrounded us, coming from the shrubbery from around us. I turned in time to watch three shadows materialize themselves from behind the shrubs. Shadows with no face, pitch black colour, staggering forward.

"Behind me!" I commanded, creating a dark energy ball on the palm of my hand. I threw it at the shadows, causing them no harm. The shadows absorbed my energy ball, and grew in size.

"I thought you were suppose to protect us!" Katherine demanded, "you have just increased their size!"

"They also feed on dark magic," I realized, "Phobos doesn't want any dark sorcerer to be able to defeat them..."

"What now!?" Ember exclaimed as they were closing in on us.

"Run," I said, the only escape. "Run to a meadow or a clearing, just run somewhere with sunlight!"

We began running away from the shadows, we ran as fast as we could but the shadows were still in a close proximity.

We are not going to make it, this forest is too big. I took my decision, "Keep running, find the Hall of Season!" I commanded, I stopped running and turn to face the dark nightmares. I was left behind. I wished Ember good luck.

"Wait, we cannot leave him!" Ember shriek, "he saved our lives back at Phobos castle! We have to go back." They were on their way back.

"Ember, use your magic!" Katherine said.

"My magic is not strong enough," Ember answered in a low voice.

"Well, his dark magic isn't very useful against those things!" Katherine retorted. "You are the only hope we have to ever come out of this alive."

Lucus caught a sturdy branch off the ground and charged to one of the shadows. He thrust the branch with all his strength, sending the shadow away from them. I had changed tactics, instead of using dark energy balls I was using energy barriers. It was quite resourceful. The arm of a shadow swung me too hard and I impacted against a tree. Two shadows were closing into me, their bodies swaying.

The End

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