“What was that about?” Lucus puffed as we ran out of the throne room. 

“I have no idea” Katherine replied. But my thoughts were elsewhere. I had definitely seen that boy somewhere before and I was sure that that place was my dreams. Where else could it have been? I was disturbed from my thoughts by a voice in my head saying Escape through the window! I’ll be waiting for you outside.

“This way, guys!” I said, gesturing towards the window in front of us. 

“How are we supposed to get up there?” Lucus asked. I beckoned Katherine over and told her to hold her hands flat and palm-up in front of her. I did the same, and said,

“Now you can get up, then Katherine, then me.” I told him. He put one foot on my hand and gripped the window sill. Then, he put his second foot on Katherine’s hand, his free hand on the window sill and hauled himself up to safety. Having swung one leg over the other side, he helped Katherine get up with one foot in my hand. Once she was over, Lucus jumped down and Katherine put one leg over the other side. It was my turn to get up. I jumped up as high as I could and grabbed the top of the window. Katherine supported my arms and kept me steady. I curled my legs up and once they were above the window sill, I stretched them out so that I was sitting on it. Then, I let go of the window, but a little too fast. I slipped backwards, but Katherine caught me before I had a chance to fall. We climbed down together and joined Lucus down below. Then, we heard clapping.

We turned to see Caleb standing at the cliff edge, who said, 

“Well done. You have successfully escaped from Lord Phobos’s castle. Now, we must go to the Hall of Seasons.” He said casually. He looked pretty shaken up: cuts ran down his face, he had a black eye and he seemed to walk with a limp. 

“Why? Why can’t we just go home?” Katherine asked him.

“Because the fate of Oamaru and the rest of the world rests in your hands.” He explained.

“But why us?” I yelled, angry at my complete lack of a decent answer.

“No, the question is, why you, Ember Evergreen. You are the one from the prophecy. But your friends may accompany you. I will guide you to your destination: The Hall of Seasons.” He said. There was a stunned silence for what seemed like the longest minute in history. Then, Katherine said,

“I’ll come with you."

“As will I.” Lucus agreed. 

“Thank you!” I said. I really was lucky to have such great friends. 

“Very well. Lord Phobos shall start searching for us, so we must move quickly.” Caleb said. I was at a loss for words, but Katherine and Lucus smiled at me and we followed Caleb back down the mountain to begin our journey. But I was still confused at how Caleb had managed to talk to me in my head. 

The End

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