I wandered on the streets, how was I expected to find a girl among the millions that existed? In the distance I saw fumes and smoke, a reddish glow furnished the horizon. My curiosity drove me to the site, I ran, rather than use magic. Hidden behind a tree I saw a girl desperately yelling at the burning house. A boy was running full-speed toward her direction. Then I saw her, a girl emerging unscathed from the crumbling house. Her hair a matching colour to the blazing fires. I had found her. I disguised as a shadow and walk silently toward them.

"You can stay at my place," her friend offered. After Ember told them about her visions.

"No," I heard myself say, "you are coming with me."

Their heads turned in my direction. The chosen one stared at me with utter perplexity, as if she knew me from somewhere. I introduced myself and told them my Master wished to see her. She accepted without much ado. Her friends rebelled and asked to come too.

"Fine," I snarled, "just stay out of trouble." What made me accept to bring them along? I never knew, but the daughter of the seasons seem to be happy in their company. I took hold of them, with a snap of my fingers black air engulfed us and we disappeared.

My displacement spell was not yet mastered, we did not travel far, nor we did land in the desired spot. We landed on the skirts of the mountain, we still had to climb to get to Lord Phobos.

"What was that?" the girl name Katherine asked, her tone was brimming with fear. "That was dark magic!"

"You are keen," I said sarcastically.

"Let's go home," Lucus suggested. Ember was silent, watching her surroundings.

"I am afraid I cannot let you go," I said earnestly. "I have to take her to my master. If any of you attempt to leave I will have no other choice than to kill you." I wrapped dark lightning around my hand. They gasped, dread in their eyes. "Let's start walking." I showed them the trail, and commanded them to walk first.

"Why are you doing this?" Ember asks me, she was walking just in front of me, "we have done nothing to you. Who is your master?"

"I only follow orders," I replied curtly, "my master is the greatest and humblest of all. He took me, when the kingdom shun me out." Bitterness in my voice.

"I am sure you are not bad," Ember continued. "I... I have seen you..."

"Impossible," I retorted. "I have never set foot in the Kingdom of Oamaru. You could not have..."

"In my dreams," she finished her sentence."With four more other people."

I stopped in my tracks, for a moment a light appeared in my mind. Telling me something: Keep her away from Lord Phobos. I glanced up to her, she had a warm, uncertain smile on her face. I shook the thought away and urged them to move faster. Once we reached inside the cave, I snapped my fingers once again, calling flames into my hands. They came immediately, dancing. We walked farther inside the dark cave, illuminated by the embers in my hand. Ember, I was lost in thoughts. Who was the voice? I felt a peculiar feeling of taking them out of the cave.

"Ahh, I am glad you brought her in a haste," a voice resonated in the darkness. Somebody had extinguish my flame. We were left in pitch darkness.

"What is going on?!" Katherine demanded. The three friends were huddled tightly together. I, being an avid night walker, could distinguish even in the dark.

"Lord Phobos, I have brought what you asked me to," I said to the darkness.

"Very well," he answered. His slim hooded figure appeared before us, his pale face was uncovered. An evil smile spread across his face, his bony finger was outstretch. Screams sprang from behind me, I turned around, Katherine and Lucus were writhing with pain on the ground. The cave was illuminated, Ember was kneeling beside them, one hand on each of her friends. She was sobbing.

"STOP, PLEASE!" she pleaded, "what are you doing to them?!"

Lord Phobos was enjoying himself, he laughed wickedly, "You have brought in treats to practice dark magic on, good idea! Watch your friends suffer!"

"Stop!" I shouted, shocked and appalled towards the torture going on.

Lord Phobos turned his face toward me, an angered expression on his face. "Don't you dare tell me what to do, ungrateful brat. Without me you would still be wandering in the streets, not knowing what to do with your magic!" He threw a dark thunderbolt at me, with impacted in my chest. I hit the walls of the cave. My eyes were closing, the screams and cries were drowning away. Just then a light appeared in front of me, and four people stood before me.

"Save her, Caleb," one of them said, "she is the key to the light. If she dies, the world's light will be extinguish. We will perish, it is your duty."

I saw myself nod, and woke up from my ephemeral unconsciousness. I stood up and summoned all the magic in me. What am I doing? I am actually confiding in a voice inside my head, I am delusional! I thought. From my hands power blasted.

It hit Lord Phobos in the chest, his ring slipped from his finger. I sprinted toward the ring and pocketed it. I ran toward Ember, her friends were no longer in pain.

Ember had red eyes from crying, her two friends were shaking from pain.

"Let's get out of here," I whispered, trying to appease her. I summoned once again the dark clouds that would take us away.

As if coming from a distant place, I heard a shrilling voice yell "Traitor! I will kill you!" We were being displaced in space.

The End

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