My nightmare becomes Reality (part 2)

"No!" Katherine screamed, desperately clinging on to me.

"Please, I have to go in there!" I told her. It was no use; there was no way she was going to let me go in there. Lucus came running up to us both saying, "Whats going o- OH MY GOSH!". Once Katherine had turned her attention away from me, I was able to wriggle free. She called after me to stop, but Space Control wasn't going to bring me back to my senses this time. 

The house was full of smoke and was pitch black because of it. I could barely see and breathing wasn't much easier, either. I gathered my strength and searched the house for my parents; they were nowhere to be found. Relief surged over me: they hadn't come back from work yet. I turned around to leave, but was confronted by a great wall of fire advancing in on me like an army. Soon enough, I was trapped in between a wall of flames and a wall of concrete. There was no point in fighting; the fire was going to claim me. I accepted death, but it felt odd. The heat closed in around me, until eventually, it was on top of me. Yet somehow, I felt nothing. There was no pain. Nothing. I stepped through to the other side, unscathed and ran out of the house. 

"You idiot!" Katherine said as soon as she saw me emerge from the smoke. But she hugged me and thanked me for not burning up. Lucus laughed at how 'soppy' we were being. But they were both quiet when I started telling them what happened. I explained about not being hurt by the fire, and my weird vision. "Weird." Katherine said. Lucus nodded his agreement. 

"You can stay the night at my house, by the way." Katherine said, attempting to cheer my up and change the subject. I was grateful. 

"No. Your coming with me.".  We spun round to find the owner of the voice and there, standing in the driveway, was a young man with dark hair and blue eyes. Seeing him gave me da ja vu. He looked like one of the painters in my dreams. "I am Caleb, and my Master wishes to see you." He said casually.


"No 'buts'! Now come on." He said. I figured there was no way I could argue with him, so I took a step towards him.

"Wait!" Katherine yelled.

"What is it now, girl?" Caleb growled.

" Only if we can come to." She said defiantly.

"Which includes me." Lucus muttered. Caleb seemed to think this through.

"Fine," he snarled, "You can come so long as you stay out of trouble!".

"Thanks." I whispered to my friends. They smiled back. Then, Caleb clicked his fingers and we were gone.  

The End

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