The call of death

The dark and murky place filled me with enigmatic fear. I knelt on the cold ground waiting for my Master to appear. I could devise the light coming from the entrance of this narrow cave, outside a view of the Kingdom of Oamaru, its kingdoms clearly defined. My legs were getting numb, but I had to show discipline as a respectful sign toward my master. My hair was dark, thrown backward on my head; my eyes a deep blue.

"Caleb," a hoarse voice called my name from the darkness surrounding me.

A chill ran through my spine. Fear instill in my body, paralyzing it, the numbness forgotten. The surroundings around me were becoming colder, as cold as his master's heart. "Master Phobos," I said, mustering courage and confidence. "I have come at your request."

"Very well, my apprentice," a hooded figure appeared facing the kneeled boy, me. His feet were not touching the ground, he was floating in the air. He extended a finger toward me, bony fingers under the pitch dark cloak, blending with the darkness surrounding it. In his pale bony finger he had a ring, with his mark on it. A spear with a snake curled around it, it was a symbol of the Dark Rebellion. The Dark Rebellion, under Lord Phobos command had always wanted to cover the Kingdom of Oamaru with obscurity, eclipsing its grandiosity. Lord Phobos was a powerful sorcerer of the Dark Arts, operating from the depths of darkness, for one day he foresee the Kingdom of Oamaru fall in flames.

I placed my finger on the ring, I felt a sharp edge pinched it. One drop of my blood fell on the ring, the ring glowed with pleasure as if it were alive. I retrive my finger, that was the way to mark your relationship with the Dark Rebellion.

"You must have heard that the last oracle of Oamaru died," Lord Phobos voice dawdled in my ears and mind. "In her agony she told the Great Prophecy." He recited:

"A child shall be born of Autumn and Spring,

With the essence of Summer and Winter deep within.

Her powers unknown shall seal the fate,

Of a land lost in time, or take the bait.

Two may accompany her on her dangerous quest,

To retrieve the truth from a well-guarded nest.

Success will undoubtably bring peace to us all,

Yet failure will cause us to crash, burn and fall."

I listened intently to the prophecy, its well structured magical words touched my spirits, overwhelming it with hope.

"You will find the child of Autumn and Spring, and bring her to me," Lord Phobos said. "I shall be the one who seals her fate." His voice was brimming with agitation and anxiety. His opportunity to overtake the Kingdom of Oamaru had presented itself.

I bowed my head in compliance to his orders.

"Very well, I shall await for you," Lord Phobos said, "Good luck." He disappeared in the darkness, consuming him. Lord Phobos pale face underneath the cloak gave a ghastly appearance.

I shuddered. I stood up, stretching my legs. It was the first time I was sent to kidnap somebody since I joined the Dark Rebellion three years ago. At twelve I had been orphaned, I had great magic potential in me and Lord Phobos had sense that. He took me under his teachings and taught me the Dark Arts. I sealed my acceptance in belonging to his dark force the first time my blood dropped in the ring. If I were to betray him, my blood will freeze and I would immediately die.

I walked toward the light, once I was outside the glorious sun blinded me. I watch the Kingdom of Oamaru, its majestic beauty never ceased to amazed me. I would have learn to love this place, if the Kingdom had found me first. But destiny decided  Lord Phobos to find me. I sighed and started my mission. The call of death hung in my ears, humming its macabre lullaby.

The End

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