From a nightmare to Reality (Part 1)

"Earth calling Ember! Come in Ember!" A girl was saying.

"Looks like this is a case of the-lights-are-on-but-nobody's-home." A boy diagnosed.

"Aha! We have life!"

"W-wh wha?" I mumbled as I awakened from my day dream.

"How do you do that?" My friend Katherine asked me.

"Do what?" I asked.

"That. The way you just seem to float away to your own imaginary world."

"Ember World. Hmmm. She's probably got candy-floss clouds and marshmallow people with gummy-bears on their heads!" He mused, deep in mock-thought.

"Seriously Lucus, I'm REALLY starting to worry about you!" Katherine laughed, staring at him in disbelief. I laughed too. My best friends, Katherine and Lucus, were walking home from school with me. They were always having to bring me back down to Earth. They were like the Space Control Centre and I was the lost and dazed astronaut; always having to guide me to safety. I guess the whole 'Earth calling Ember, come in Ember' thing fitted quite nicely with my metaphor/similie of being lost in Space. I chuckled to myself and my friends looked at me as if I was mad (which, with all these dreams and creepy things going on around me, I suppose I was). 

"Bye guys!" Katherine called from her front door, number 3, Milford Street.

"Bye!" We called back in unison. Before long, Lucus had reached his house too and I was left alone. As I strolled along my street, I noticed it was getting quite dark out. For some reason, I thought I smelt smoke. The images of my dream began racing through my mind. Calm down I told myself It's probably just psychological. It's all linked to your worry about the vision. But part of me knew it wasn't. I began running towards my house, but the smell just kept getting stronger and stronger until finally, I was confronted with number 27, Milford Street. But it wasn't the one I knew. This one was being attacked by rampaging animals crawling up the brickwork and weakening the structure. The flames spread like The Bubonic Plague sending golden sparks shooting into the sooty-black sky, creating artificial stars.

Despite the fact that this house - my home - was being burnt to a crisp, I found the scene quite beautiful; the colour of the flames, the roar of the fire. But then, Space Control came to my rescue, as Katherine came running up behind me, screaming,

"HELP! FIRE!". She was probably more aware of the danger than I was. But as the roof crashed down through the top floor, one thought emerged in my mind: My parents...

The End

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