The Kingdom of Oamaru

The kingdom of Oamaru was a magical place. The seasons divided up the land into different realms, each governed by a separate representative of King Levin. The governors each had a mystic force deep within them, allowing them to maintain control over the beauty of every season. It was a peaceful place, with no fear of the outside world. That was, until, the last Oracle of Oamaru died. The Oracle's job was to host an ancient spirit that uttered prophecy's of the kingdom's fate. As she died, Nyo Tekapo released to being within her whilst muttering the Great Prophecy: 

A child shall be born of Autumn and Spring,

With the essence of Summer and Winter deep within.

Her powers unknown shall seal the fate,

Of a land lost in time, or take the bait.

Two may accompany her on her dangerous quest,

To retrieve the truth from a well-guarded nest.

Success will undoubtably bring peace to us all,

Yet failure will cause us to crash, burn and fall.  


My name is Ember Evergreen and I am 14 years old. My Mother is from the land of Autumn and my Father is born of the land of Spring. Although, I do have Summer and Winter heritage. My hair is Autumnal red and my eyes are like Paua shells. At school, as well as normal lessons, we are taught magic. The best of us become sorcerers and sorceresses. The Hall of Seasons awaits the successful. When I'm not having visions about 5 people painting, I'm dreaming about being the wisest, most powerful sorceress in our history. Our way of life is peaceful and if I were to have enough control over magic, I would ensure that it stayed that way.



The End

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