No such thing as a straight Answer

Weird things have been going on lately. Unless you call making your Maths teacher fall over just by picturing the scene normal. Or how about strange dreams that show memories of my past, yet predict the future? Allow me to elaborate: I had a dream that I would get into a fight at school, which I did the following day. Or the time when I dreamt my English teacher would arrive in her pyjamas and she did. Coincidence? I think not! But the oddest thing of all? Whenever I mention it to my parents, they get all awkward and immediately change the subject. But the dream I had last night was definitely scary. I saw my house crumbling down to the ground, flames shooting into the smoke-filled sky. Then, I woke up. I've been paranoid all day. Even now, sitting in Science at school, the images are playing in my head, like re-runs of a black and white film. I tried to distract my mind, but how can I with those images taunting my mercilessly? What on earth is going on? Are straight answers non-existant? 

The End

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