Memoirs of the Future

If you were having dreams that predicted the events of your life, what would you do? See a psychiatrist? Tell a trusted friend? Or simply ignore them? And what if they seemed so real, you couldn't tell what was make-believe and what was reality?

It started as it always did. Mist floating forwards and backwards, like a curtain blown in the wind. When it parted, ghostly shapes flickered into view. The same people each time, standing in front of easels. They held a paintbrush in one hand, and a pallet of colours in the other. It was always the same five people. Three men and two women. One man had sandy blonde hair and a fixed look of concentration. The other two males looked like brothers - maybe even twins. They both had chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. One woman had long black hair that floated around her shoulders and piercing emeralad-green eyes. Then, there was the last one. She looked more like a fourteen year old girl than lady. Her hair was a mass of fiery red flames that curled around her shoulders. And her eyes where an intense blue, like mine. All  five of them were each painting a different scene. My focus zoomed in; the pictures were alive, portraying images of my life. This happened every night. My dreams always lead me here. All I had to do now was wait until morning to discover the outcome of my vision...

The End

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