Memoirs of Love

The story of two people and their undying love.

The smell of rain was thick in the air; the perfume of damp soil and a fresh day. A cold, bitter wind swept the storm clouds away, allowing for the new dawn to open with a breath-taking brilliance. Wisps of white dashed across a sky colored pink and lavender; a garden dotted with daisies, a sea bubbling with life, the Atlantis of Angels. The sun crowned the horizon with her jewels of gold, breathing life, adding something mythic, to the great magnificence of the entire setting as a whole.

It was a rather fitting scene, one I believe my parents would have desired. A spectacular display of life and its wonders; it was a beauty, a proper parade, that celebrated their life. We gathered, hand-in-hand, sharing our love, beneath the heavens and her cloudy pinnacles, for them.

They died in such a righteous way - all lovers should pass through death so painlessly - only a few days separating them. It was almost as if they walked into the beyond holding one another's hands; Father guiding Mother to the angelic castles above.

And so, here we stood adorned in cloaks of black against the winter's westerly wind, under the spectacle of a sky filled with the fireworks of the sun honoring their life and love. We stood before the great dark mounds, earthen blankets for their eternal rest; although I was certain, somewhere, they floated on the enchanted wings of the purest of love and smiled so tenderly on each of us.


The End

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