Memoirs of a teen.Mature

Memoirs of a teen...this should be interesting. It's my first shot at this kind of thing, so constructive critisism is great!

"Dear, did you finish your homework?"

No sound came out of the mass of sheets clumped on the bed. *Poke* "Anyone there?" The concerned woman grinned and began opening the windows noisily. "If you don't hurry, you'll be late. This is grade 12! Seriously, you need to pull yourself together if you want to graduate."

"I don't need to graduate." Finally, a sleepy, angry voice thundered from beneath the pink covers.

"Alright then. I'm going to make breakfast." She smiled, and the smile lines wrinkled on her face.

Thirty minutes later, the teenager had awaken. "Why didn't you wake me up?! Now I'm going to be fricking late!"

"Well, " she added as she placed down the delicious party platter of breakfast. "It was your first day. I wanted it to be special."

The breakfast smelt like the usual smell of eggs and sausage and all that stuff. It was all colour co-ordinated and the drinks were lined up according to fat content.
"Seriously, mom. You don't need to do all this. All I need is coffee and a piece of toast." She smiled slowly. "Thanks, though."

These were the usual morning routines. Some days were more exciting than most, but here are my stories.


The days were shorter now. Shorter to graduation, and shorter time for me to pull my grades up. I was smart, pretty smart, but I had been late 98 times in a row, and it was showing in my marks.

The other day when I got home, I found all my teen magazines and other sexually explicit stuff organized on the table. Fuck, she had finally found my porno magazines.

The End

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