Memoirs of a Marquise

The marquise must overcome the odds to find love, happiness and protect her kingdom.


My steps are faltered, my eyes glazed, as I walk the grounds of my kingdom.

My heart aches, for though I have built myself into magnificence, the one I shared it with, the one I loved has left me.

He swore to me, fealty and love.

He loved me. He said he would always. The weeks went on; days beautiful, nights filled with passion and romance.

That all changed... That day I will never forget...

Into my chambers he came. “My liege, I must speak to you.”

“Yes, m'lord, what is it?”

The lord of my heart looked down. “This thing... That we have... I cannot do it anymore.”

Shocked, I just stared at him.

“I do not... Love you... The way I thought I did...”

Tears burning my eyes, I moved my gaze to the floor. I would not let him see my cry. I would not try to make him explain himself. I fought to remain composed. As the future he promised we would have together shattered, so many thoughts ran through my mind. The why, the why now, the what next?

My heart was being torn in two, the pain was nigh unbearable. Still I battled with in to keep my composure.

I looked up at the face of my lord, my love. The desire to have him dungeoned for the pain he caused me was so great I almost could not resist.

With all the coldness I could muster I stood from where I had been seated. “Go” I demanded. “Out of my sight, out of my kingdom. You are no longer welcome here. Take your belongings and get out.”

The viscount I had once loved gave me one last pained look and bolted for the door. I collapsed back into my chair, tears finally came, and I cried myself to sleep.

The End

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