Memoirs of a Life Unlived

Part Deux

The sun's as wide and brighten as ever could be

Skies swimming with endless puff

Romancing whisper runs through

Sweeping, tossing and turning the dead off the ground

Only to come back next year

Green, tall, strong and wise

Pick one, any one, breathe it in slowly.

Those feathered creatures grow a house, while we end its life.

White covering us all

Gelid to the touch, coagulated in its form

Shelter to hide from

Can only be made of what we once cut down, away from its roots.

The mere observation can catch the slightest glimpse of what life holds.

Amongst the differences we are still connected....

There’s something bigger than any evergreen

Something more beautiful than the universe itself.








Part Uno

Sometimes courting the mirage of words floating around in one’s head is a rather frustrating period of time.

Writing them down is another story completely.

What if?

What if?

There must be an explanation to why we can't mutter exactly what we want.

Conscience? Maybe...

Fear? Unlikely....not too far off though

Rational answers aren't always understood.

"Mock Mock"

Curious, no one knocks at the door at this hour

Yet there is no one standing outside of it either.


Hmmm some say we can unknowingly but knowingly create imaginations in order to compensate for the missing. Some cases include seemingly normal people to create a world where things are ought to be right but aren't. I.e., one can actually lie so impulsively that they can start believing the false facts and confuse what's reality. To be honest they lose focus on what reality is by intertwining misconceptions of how to act around others or even with themselves.   

Well look at that....


Wonder how many writers go off on a notion caused by a brief briefing of some sorts?

This paper seems lonely...


"Get it"

Get it?

Get it!


Isn't interesting how hard it can be to put two in two together?

That's a first....

My mind is completely relaxed, whilst my heart floats above.

How much I know about life will never cease to amaze me.

There's far beyond knowledge we'll never learn, even in our own hands. How can one know how the hand is created if we aren't the Creator?

We are Creations yet we think we Create. Are we smaller Creators?




I don't know...


A. If there's a Creator, He must Create a Creation.

B. If the Creation Creates, they must be a part of more Creations


Ah hah!


Premature victory? Eh yes unfortunately.

The End

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