The day was cloudy, just like any other. I sat there only, still thinking about him. It maay have been two years ago, but the pain still was there. Hidden deep within, waiting to come out. I had never really been the same since he left. I was depressed, I had left all my friends behind, I even left my family. Though I still was a teenager. The day was Feb. 27, exactly two months after he left me, hanging there.

I swore to my one and only friend that I wouldn't sulk on this day, yet it was to hard not too. I looked at my phone. 12:00 I thought to myself. She will be here in 10 minutes. I sat on the steps leading up to my house, I was transfixed for what seemed like hours, until I heard a honk. Allie was sitting in the front seat of her car honking. She had the biggest smile on her face, I knew all to well that she would enjoy this.

"Gwen!", Allie raced out of the car, running up to me and embracing me in a hug. "Hello Allie." I replied slowly. She grabbed my hand and lead me to her car. "I know fully well how to get to your car Allison." I said with a smirk on my face. Allie has hated that name for ever. "You know better then to call me that. Jennifer!" She retorted back meaningfully. The lines around my mouth bent. I left out a low growl and pounced on her. She screamed as if she was being attacked by an axe murderer. "Calm down Allie, I'm just playing with you."

As we got into her car, she had the radio blasting with her favorite music. Techno. I hated it with everything in me, but I moved my head back and forth, as it has been the first non-violent music I have heard in awhile.


I rolled out of bed, not wanting to get out. I picked up my cell phone... 12:30 Feb. 27. This day brought back haunting memerios. Her pale skin, whiter then my own. Laying in the snow. Her piercing gold eyes, brighter then any gold I have ever seen. Her smile.. Oh that smile could make a grown man cry out of joy. I remember her long lasting embrace, never wanting to let me go.

ENOUGH! I told myself. I roll out of bed trying to forget that thought. Yet, I still can't shake her crying, the tears running down her face as she begged me not to leave.

The End

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