Chapter 6: New Lease On School

 After a week of hanging out with Flannery and Rachel, I just completely stopped caring what other people said. People still tried to call us names, or would shove us in the hallway, but as long as we were together it never got to us. Of course, then came soccer tryouts.

"So, you nervous?" Flannery ran up to me while I was sitting on the bleachers by the soccer fields. We still had about a half an hour before tryouts so I was just sitting there.

 While most of the girls had on those shorts that made you wonder why the school discourages short shorts and then gives them to girls for uniforms, Flannery had on a pair of black shorts that went down to her knees, and on the left leg a dragon was wrapped around it. Her shirt just pure black.

"What do you think?" I asked her rhetorically, to which she stuck her tongue out.
 Then going back into serious mode she mentioned, "By the way, Rachel is gonna be coming for supporting purposes." Just then she came around, walking in her usual jumpy bubbly way. "Not gonna try out?" Falnnery asked her in a joking manor.
"You know I have horrible aim. Even if I actually kicked the ball I'd probably hit it into someone's face."

"Just make sure it's the other team's member." I added. We continued talking on that note for awhile. Rachel then stared at a motionless soccer ball, trying to move it with her "telekinetic powers" But eventually it finally came for the tryouts.

They started out fairly simple, with the typical passing, running, and shooting goals. I got past these without a problem. We got split up into groups of four, and of course my group wouldn't work with me.

 I couldn't get the ball, they wouldn't pass, wouldn't give me a chance, even though our group was doing horrible. I'd go at the ball but I get checked out of the way, even by my own teammates. The tryouts had four rounds of teams against each other, each team getting a chance to face the other.

 It was the third round, and someone in me snapped. The adreniline started, and I decided it had been enough.

The whistle was blown and I ran towards the ball as fast as I could. Of course, so did one of my other group members. We were pretty matched for speed, so we were closing in at the same time. There was someone from the other group running at full speed, but he wasn't going for the ball. For a moment I saw the guy on the other group smile like he was saying "you know what to do," and then SMACK! Both the guy from my group and the guy on the other group were on the ground. I took the ball before anyone else could get to it and quickly got around the first guy trying to get to the ball quite easily.

 Another member came at me but his feet moved in very large steps as he ran. using this to my advantage, I waited until he was mid step, and kicked the ball inbetween his legs and then jumped around him. When the final member came at me, I did something that I think I could only do once in my life.

 This guy had his steps to tight, and he was too quick to get around. I had no choice but to shoot. I kicked it to his left side. Bam! It bounced off the side of the goal, but I had kicked it as hard as I could. The last member that was after me turned around to get it, but the ball was still mid-air and smacked him in the chest, bouncing it just to the right of the goalie and going into the goal.

 Now my group members were starting to get it. The next time I got the ball one of the other group members tried to check me, but someone from my group checked them out of the way. This time as I went up towards the goalie, the guy who had helped me out earlier was waiting for me. This time his smile had a hint of "bring it on."

 I accidently kicked the ball too far forward, and we both went for it as fast as we could... we also kicked at the same time. The ball flew up into the air as we were losing our balance from our feet contacting. As I fell down I took my chance and kicked at the air, kicking the ball at the goal.

 The goalie caught it and tried to kick it out. The other guy that fell down didn't noticed this and jumped up. The ball smacked him in the back of the head, knocking him into me, and and going into the goal. I suppose it doesn't count as me doing that twice cause the goalie did it this time.
 While on the ground as the guy recovered he just non-chalantly says, "My name's Aaron Zephyrian by the way."
"Nemo Vunsch."
"Pleasure to meet you Nemo, I should probably get off you." And he jumped up. "Those guys are gonna regret not trusting you right away. Probably cost them teamwork points."
"Hope you make it on the team."
"You too. Better get off the field so the next teams can go. We can chat a bit before round four."

 We went up and sat on the bleachers by Rachel, and quickly thereafter Flannery showed up. "By the way, Flannery, Rachel, this is Aaron Zephyrian. Aaron these are Flannery Tenz and Rachel Oestrander."

"Pleasure to meet you." He said smiling and with a slight bow. "Are you trying out as well?"

"Yup." Flannery said confidently, "But Rachel isn't. She's just here for moral support." Aaron looked at Rachel as she did her eyes-scrunched-close smile. Flannery continued, "So were you two on the same group or something."
"No, actually." I mentioned, "Quite the opposite."
"His group members weren't seeing his potential, so I thought I'd give him a boost." He added, smiling.
"Yeah, by tackling one of my team members."
"It wasn't tackling, it was 'checking.'" He said laughing.

 Time passed by quickly as all four of us talked, and before we knew it the whistles for our round were blown.

"I won't go easy on you." Aaron said, smiling sheepishly.

"I'd be pretty mad if you did." I replied, smiling.

 By this point the teams were tied 3-3. When the round first started it wasn't long until me and Aaron were in a deadlock fight for the ball, constantly kicking at it from opposite sides at the same time. Finally, at one point I kicked to high and tripped up and he got the ball. Score 3-4.

 My team had the ball. One of my group members passed the ball to me and Aaron slid on the ground to kick it. I jumped with the ball wedged in my feet and got past him. Score 4-4.
 Aaron had the ball and once again, deadlock.

Constantly trying to kick around each other, hitting the ball into each other's feet. Exactly as I had hoped for. I waited until we were about to hit the ball at the same time, and I quickly moved my foot up and stepped on the ball to cushion the blow as he kicked the ball from under my foot, just hard enough to get to my group member on the right of me. Score 5-4, game.

 We went up to each other to talk but before we could say anything the coach called us over to him. "You guys were both amazing, and showed great teamwork, even while on seperate teams. I want to see how you will work on the same time." We looked at each other and smiled. "So I'm going to have you two face a team of four, by yourselves."
 Simultaneously we turned towards the coach, "Wait, what!?"

The End

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