Chapter 5: Friendly Conversation

 I quick grabbed my phone and noticed I had a text message

already. I opened my phone up and opened the message and just saw,

"By the way, albino's don't have read hair. =P" Before anything I

added her to my contacts and then sent a message back, "So you lied

about being albino? Or you dye your hair a lot?"
"Neither, haha."
 Completely confused I texted back, "Quit running my in

"=P Usually, because of the missing pigment my hair would be white,

but for some reason the enzymes that make pigment are still there,

but only on the top of my head. So if I was bald, I would have some

coloration on my head."
"... that's possible?"
"For someone who is taking biology with sophomores their freshman

year, you don't know much about biology."
"Give me a break, it's the second day! And besides, how did you get

my number? I never gave it to you?"
"Can't tell you. Spoilers. =P"
"What do you mean spoilers?"
"Now if I told you that would ruin the point of not telling you."
 About to text back I heard "Nemo! Come get dinner!"
"Coming mom!" I texted her back "You know what I gotta go, talk to

you later." The only response I got back while I headed downstairs

was "I know =P"
 At dinner my parents asked about school, knowing something

good happened, but I just went along with it, mentioned that I met

someone new, etc. trying to avoid as much conversation about it as

possible. Being my usual self I left the table early and went back

to my room. It had only been half an hour but I texted her back.
"...Are you sure you're really albino, and not just pale?"
"Are you calling me a liar? =(" She texted back almost immediately.
"Do you not have anything better to do? You text back so quickly."
"So should I stop texting you?"
"No, I'm just saying." As I cursed my horrible language skills.
"Haha, I'm just joking, and yes I'm sure. I'm a science phenomena

"I always wished I had something special like that. You know,

besides the rare red hair blue eyes combo thing." Those were words I

would learn to regret horribly.
"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something someday =D Now I

actually do need to go. Do homework or something =P See you

"See ya"
 Homework? What homework? It was the second day of classes, I

got all the homework done in or immediately after the class. What

was I gonna do now? Well, while I was lying down, trying to think of

something to do, I fell asleep... for the rest of the night. On the

bright side, I got plenty of sleep for school the next day.
 The next morning, while sitting on the bus, she came and sat

by me and said, "So I'm trusting you weren't too bored after I

stopped texting you last night?" She said in a joking tone.
"... the hell did you mean by spoilers? I don't get it."
 She just laughed and said, "The more it bothers you, the

more entertaining it is. Besides, you'll discover it in your own

".... what?"
"Nevermind. Oh! Here comes my friend Rachel." And she waved the the

girl walking onto the bus. She was a shorter girl, with the whole

cliche blonde hair, blue eyes combo. She was larger, but not in a

way that people, well people with their own sense of self-worth,

would call her names.
 From the way she bounced when she walked, and the way she

said "Hi Flannery!" while waving enthusiastically, gave away that

she was quite a bubbly person. She sat down behind us, sitting on

her knees and looking over the seat to talk to us. "Is this the guy

that's named after that fish movie?"
"You told her I was named after that movie?"
"I didn't tell her that, she just assumed it."
"I'm not named after that annoying movie, by the way."
 She laughed with her tongue sticking slightly between her

teeth. "I know, I just wanted to see if you would get mad. Speaking

of which, you guys look cute together." She finished, laughing as

she sunk back into her seat, narrowly avoiding getting hit by

Flannery's flip flop.
 Flannery looked back at me, and obviously trying to change

the subject, asked, "So, are you gonna try out for the soccer team?"
"I don't know, I've been a bit reluctant."
"Oh, come on. I'm sure you aren't that bad."
"Well, it's not that. I got MVP three years in a row in gradeschool.

It's just the people that'll be on the team. They'll never give me a

"Then prove them wrong, and show them what you can do." She

responded smiling, right before we suddenly flew forward as the bus

driver hit the breaks, yelling something about the red light that

some idiot apparently ran through.
 Holding my head, I blurted out, "How many times am I gonna

freaking hurt my head this year!"

The End

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