Chapter 4: Not So Bad

 The rest of the school day was fairly normal. Lonely

throughout the classes, and no one talked to me. But I went through,

occasionally looking at the number in my pocket. Finally after school

on my way to the sidewalk there the bus would stop I saw Flannery

again. She was already standing there waiting for the bus so I ran up

to her.
"A little early to be giving me a number don't you think? We don't

know the first things about each other."
"Don't get the idea that I want to go on a date or anything." She kind

of chuckled, "It's just an invitation to talk. You look like you could

use someone to talk to, and so we can get to know each other as we

"Fair enough." I agreed as the bus pulled up. We got on and sat next

to each other. She put her black backpack in front of her feet. It was

a simple back  back, 3 pockets, but the inside was white and red. Kind

of made me wonder why she had so much black and red.
 Before I could think about it any futher she looked up at me

and I saw her eyes, her strangely red eyes. I was a bit shocked at

first, and I think she could tell that I was a bit taken back. So she

just smiled and laughed explaining, "You're probably wondering about

my eyes. I'm albino. The lack of pigment makes them red, and makes me

skin unusually pale. Most people make fun of me for it but I just

ignore them."
"If you didn't explain that to me, I'd just might be afraid you were

about to chant something cause me to spontaneously combust. But that's

what I get for living in Hell." We both laughed.
"For someone seeming so shy you are pretty outgoing when someone talks

to you. But isn't there anyone from your gradeschool that goes here?"
"No, I went to a private christian school. The only friend, who was

also my neighbor, who was going to come here moved to Ohio."
 She gave a half-hearted smile, "I know the feeling. I went to

a private gradeschool as well. I don't know anyone here either. You're

the first." Her smile became brighter, and then asked, "So do both of

your parents have red hair or blue eyes or something? That's a pretty

rare combo since both are so rare in the first place."
"Nope. Not any relatives I know of. I'm the only one in my family with

either, and I'm also probably going to be taller than the rest of my

 She laughed, "Wow, are you sure you aren't adopted?" She

laughed a bit until she saw me look down with a zoned out look. "Oh...

I'm sorry, I didn't know."
"No, it's fine. I actually don't know if I'm adopted." She tilted her

head sideways like a confused dog, so I continued to explain. "Over

the summer my friend overheard his parents saying that my parents were

thinking about telling me something important, but were worried about

what it would do to me. I looked into it, but there is no record for

adoption. I have a birth certificate with the same last name as them

and everything, not a single adoption document in any of their files."
"Wow, wonder what they planned on telling you."
"Me too... especially since they still haven't told me."
 We continued to talk beyond that, mostly about classes, and

how boring the history class was, especially whenever the teacher

would start monologuing about when he was a kid. It seemed like barely

a minute and we had already arrived at my house. So reluctantly I got

up, and just before I could walk away she said "I'll just pull out my

phone now, so when you text me I'll be ready." And she smiled.
 When I walked into my house my parents were confused, but

content enough that I walked into the house with a huge smile, and not

entirely surprised when I said "See you at dinner." and disappeared

into my room. Instead of playing classical music, or even some kind of

"emo" my parents actually had to ask me to turn down my techno music,

and be more careful when dancing around my room after I almost knocked

the lamp over.
"CRAP I forgot to text her!" and I ran for my phone, tripping on the

blanket that fell off the bed while I was dancing.
"Are you OK, honey?"
 As I pulled myself off the ground, holding my head, "Fine


The End

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