Chapter 3: New Friends

 The rest of summer went fairly quickly. I gave up on the theory I was adopted and just continued on, playing videogames, conducting various experiments (mostly involving electricity or fire), and occasionally finding equations to solve, just to see if I could.
 The biggest changes of all, began freshman year. There was registration but I didn't really meet anyone there. And then the first day was even worse. I was already placed in higher classes. I had Algebra 2 with all the juniors, and I had completely skipped the general science course, so I had Biology with the sophomores. Everyone just thought of me as a nerd.
 No one talked to me the first day, and lunch was by myself. The teachers loved me, but no students said a word. It was easily the loniest day I had ever had. When I got home my mom asked me how my day went, but I just said "fine" and went to my room. I just sat there till dinner. At dinner I refused to talk, and then afterwards I just went back to my room to listen to music. I decided it was a good time to listen to classical. That dark but calm feel always helped, especially piano pieces.
 The next day, school started the same. In Algebra the juniors made harsh comments everytime I got a question right, in Biology no one would be partners with me for the experiment, and because there was an odd number of people, I had to work with the teacher. It was another lonely day, until lunch.
 I didn't eat down in the cafeteria, instead I would take my packed lunch outside to the stairs that lead down to the soccer field. I had thought about joining soccer, tryouts were the next week, but with so many people in the school practically hating me, I didn't feel like I'd be up to it.
 Suddenly, while biting into a ham and cheese sandwich I heard something hit the ground and start rolling. I put the sandwich down and noticed a watter bottle start to roll down the stairs. It only got about two stairs when I caught it. I turned around and saw an extremely pale, and fairly thin, girl. She had long red hair in a ponytail, she was wearing a red shirt with black long sleaves, and blue jeans with black tennis shoes.
"Hey there, mind if I join you? The cafeteria is just so loud and obnoxious, i had to get out." She had a light yet energetic tone in her voice, with a welcoming smile on her face.
 I stuttered at first, just at the shock of someone at school even talking to me in the first place. "Uh, s-sure. I could use a little company."
 She sat down with her lunch and as she opened it sh looked at me with a sympathetic frown, "Bad day?"
"It's only the second day of school and it's already a bad week of school." I then went on and explained to her about the classes I was taking, and about no one talking to me.
"That's rough. But I find it pretty cool that you are in upper classes. I'm in Algebra 2 as well, but we must be in different sections. Oh, before I forget to tell you, my name is Flannery. Flannery Tenz" She extended her hand and smiled.
 I started shaking her hand, "Nemo Vunsch."
"That's not from that old movie is it?"
I chuckled for the first time in the past few weeks, "Nah, it means 'no one'"
"Well don't let that name get you down, I'm sure you're an awesome person. I have to go to science, but let me give you something quick." She pulled out a pencil and a small sheet of paper and scribbled something down quickly. She handed it to me and smiled, "Talk to you later." and she ran off.
 I looked down at the piece of paper with her number and a smiley face on it.

The End

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