Chapter 2: Not What I Thought

 "Crap!" I whispered loudly under my breathe. I threw the folders back in the cabinet and closed the door as quietly but quickly as I could. I turned around to head back to my room and saw... our black cat shadow. "Shadow, you gave me a mini heart attack!" But the kitty just stared blankly at me and then turned her head in confusion.
 I opened the cabinet again and grabbed the folders and searched through. Medical bills from my dad slipping on the ice, insurance reports from when I was on the trampoline with Jacob and jumped too far to the right, even the bills from the stitches. Finally, I found something that would help, birth certificates!
 I searched through and found "Justin Michael Vunsch" my dad's brith certificate. Never could remember what year he was born, but I didn't feel like starting now. Next found "Karla Lena Tess," "Mom's last name was Tess?" I wondered to myself before getting myself back on track. Found it! My birth certificate. I wondered what kind of last name I had beforehand, was it foreign, exotic? Maybe I was somehow distantly related to Chuck Norris. Or maybe I had some last name no one has ever heard of! Would I have a different first name? Or maybe it would just say...
 "Nemo Ryan Vunsch..." I paused. But how could that be? I had red hair, and blue eyes. Neither of my parents, or any of my grandparents had any of those. I excelled way more in everything than the rest of my family, I even was taller than most of them (albeit at 5"5'), how could I possibly be actually related to them? And if I really was... what were they going to talk to me about?
 I started to put the files away when I noticed something odd about the birth certificates. My parents both has a hospital name on theirs, but mine had none. It wasn't good enough evidence but it was enough to raise some suspicion. I finished putting it away, while Shadow was rubbing against my legs. "Hold on Shadow."
 I finished putting it all away and turned around, but Shadow was still there. Trying not to step on her I stepped back but I lost my balance. I turned around as I fell and pushed against the cabinet, preventing me from any serious injury, but making a very loud noise as the cabinet hit the wall. That's when I heard one of my parents get up.
 "Nemo, what's going on down there!? Are you ok?"
 "Fine mom, just came down to get some water, and Shadow got in the way."
 "I swear that cat will be the death of us all. Ok, just be careful, and get back to bed."
 "Yes mom."
 I grabbed some water, knowing that now that I said I was getting water, i would be thirsty five minutes from now, and went back upstairs into my room. My room was pretty simple, walk in and directly to the right is the twin sized bed, to the left is a closet with the dress just by it, and the nightstand was by the bed. I insisted my walls get painted a deep blue, but leaving the cieling white. I'm still not sure why, as red was always my favorite color, but I just somehow knew blue was better.
 I sat down on my bed, set the water on the nightstand, and grabbed my phone to text Jacob, knowing that he would still be awake, playing games or something.
 "I looked through medical records and everything. Everything says that I'm their kid, my birth name, and everything. There's no way I can be adopted."
 I sat and waited, after about 20 minutes when I was half asleep, I got a text back. Focusing my vision away from blurriness I saw his response of "Oh"....
 Too tired to think of a response, witty or otherwise, i decided to set the phone down and just go to sleep. And well honestly, that was the last time I had heard from him for a long time, despite our promise. And I know you're thinking I didn't really describe him much, but don't worry, he comes in later... much later... and much different.

The End

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