walking towards the grand hall was ridiculous.

Each member of the society were exactly the same, almost robotic.  And it was boring. I wanted something new but there was nothing.  Everything was the same, Everyone was the same.

It was always 'Your highness' this, or 'Your Majesty' that. It was never 'Hey Melva hows it hanging?' Never that. 

As i aprouched the large door to the grand hall, i took a deep breath, i know what is coming. I open the door to find a incredibly large amount of people, they see me and they aplaud , making way for me to walk to the front of the room to the stage, my throne.

I polietly smile, make eye contact, wave. And as i step onto the stage, they all expect me to sit down, on my throne. Although i never do, they still expect it. They are like the Golden Scaled creatures of the other kind, with a 3 second memory span, so stupid. They just forget that im never going to be sat on that throne. Not unless something was changed, for the better, it wasnt so robotic and grey.  Times like this make me wonder all the more how much more fun the other kind seem like. 

Its funny how they all look at me with their lifeless eyes. Even Fay cant be seen in the crowd. I feel so alone, with a bunch of robots.

The End

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