i place the book down on the table and look at my faithful friend. We both have the same look on our faces, exitment.

'They speak your name your highness. Your so greatly apreiciated.  They have lost all hope for her they are now forced to worship you.' Fay spoke.

'Forced. Exactly.' I replied. There was a sudden bang of a distant door, coming from along the corridor. Someone was coming.

'One word Fay, Theo.' I rolled my eyes. And just as expected a tall dusty blonde haired man with green eyes walked elegantly into the room.

'Thought i would find you here,  You must come to the Grand hall immeditely.' Theo said but looking at Fay in almost disgust. 'Get out of here and back to the coalbox.'

'Dont talk to her like that,  i invited her in.' I protested in slight anger.

'Vermin.' Theo muttered under his breath as he left the room.  Fay obediently followed after. I was left to tidy up after myself and report to the Grand hall for what i knew was going to be completely boring.

The End

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