'the weather is worse now, you can barely see infront of because of the cold whiteness. Our resources are running out. We are becoming weak, we shouldnt give in. We should fight harder but no one will listen to me. They will not give up because they are stronger than us. Its silly, because really they are scared. But i must admit i myself is scared. so VERY scared, to die, to breath, to live. They will destroy us unless she comes to our rescure, but she hasnt shown herself in a very long time. Centurys. Makes you wonder wether she is even real. All she leaves us is this bitter cold whiteness, so very cold. Our own saviour cant save us now. Not Even in the words of Melva. Melva for crying out loud! im refering to the oldest kind going, thats how desprate i am. But i hear they worship Melva. they have taken her. But we shouldnt have to rely on Melva we should be able to worship our creator, but she is no where. not out there, up in the clouds. we are doomed to extinction unless she comes soon. Real soon.'

The End

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